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Gerel Portrait

I dunno, just a small redesign.
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umm... why is he so gorgeous? 
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Does InkRose even do anything MLP related anymore? Was there a journal entry or a video explaining this that I missed?
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Reading about Gerel in the story based on his personality as well as how Gerel's usually the guy who gets himself into predicaments as an attempt to protect Aelwen from upcoming danger is certainly reminiscent of Ladies' Man Link for me. Even based on his design, Gerel wears green and has that expression in this particular piece I feel Link would have whenever he thinks he has a chance to impress the ladies. In a sense, I often wonder whether or not Gerel was inspired by Ladies' Man Link.
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Is it just me, or do his eyebrows remind me of Rock Lee's from Naruto?

btw Love the portrait!