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Fallout: Regime of Equality

I've been playing Fallout 3.....

This was ANIMATED here!…

(No, I've never read Fallout: Equestria, only some of Pink Eyes)
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Reminder that Starlight was legit insane, and got away with ALOT

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OMG Ink XD i love the look on Twilights face!

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That’s just evil

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Still more realistic than the actual ending.

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That’s what Starlight should do, after what she did to Chrysalis

How Cutie ReMark SHOULD have ended.

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This is not how bullets work at all, still it's awesome
La la la la La la la laThat was just awesome! Thank you for making this InkRose.  
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I'll admit, this was my exact thought of what had happened.
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As much as I have grown to enjoy Starlight as a character, I won't deny that she deserved the bullet through the head IN SPADES.
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I can't believe no one has commented on the fact that puppysmiles is here
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I can't believe she didn't call Twilight a pretty princess.

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Congratulations Littlepip, you just saved us the Season 6 finale!
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Guess this is as good of an explanation for the wasteland as any. 
Live classic.
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Hahaha....I am a terrible person. :[
I was surprised that didn't happen to me my first time out of 101. I got chased by dogs instead. Thank goodness Megaton was right nearby. I thought the robot outside would kill me, so I snuck in. Then I felt silly.
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fuck off, you triggered little bitch
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by the way only "trigerd" 1 here is you
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that emojie you had with your comment suggest otherwise
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boi i copied dat text to over 5 posts
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oh, I'm sorry I didn't know that it was your job to be an asshole and shit on the talent and hard work of others while you have no talent and are an apsolute asshole to everyone while most of us could write/draw better than you any day of the week
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called and opinion Grow balls ya pussy ass bich ur on the side of a Tv show menth for 7 yerolds 
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