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Empress Kaleign Portrait Sketch

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Empress of the dragons!
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dragonomicontiamatHobbyist Interface Designer
I like the design and the scars make her loke tough 
Question? the dragon eyes shining you were inspired by Smaug the dragon or dragon rider of pern like Ramoth?
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Cooper31Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome Drawing! :)
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Brianna330Hobbyist General Artist

Can't wait for her appearance in the book excited happy Excited 
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TmntLover111Student General Artist
Oh, so pretty~ ^^
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Rewrite98Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the long face and scars across her nose, mouth and neck. I also like how her horns curve around her ears like in the original sketch.
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pinkponygirl311Hobbyist General Artist
She's absolutely gorgeous!
All I can think of are those fish that live deep in the ocean and glow to attract their prey.
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StardustAstroHobbyist General Artist
OOoooo so pretty! 
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mr-SyHobbyist General Artist
woho, KALEIGH!!!!!! can we get a speed paint of her?
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DotsofLightStudent General Artist
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silverstarlinedartHobbyist Digital Artist
now i want to know how she looks like in her human form
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this is just a guess but she probably looks like an older version of Alewen
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celestialVocalistHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I can't wait to see that
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PainterqueenHobbyist General Artist
scars really tell a good tale don;t they ^^
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DiBiasiosketch98Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Kaleign looks very fierce espeally with the scars on her face and neck. Did she get them in battle?
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InkRose98Professional Digital Artist
DiBiasiosketch98's avatar
DiBiasiosketch98Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dang she's a fighter!
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Good job.

That is an interesting look for a dragon. She looks kinda like a female Smaug, but with a different color scheme.
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Kim-cat3120Hobbyist Digital Artist
Such an awesome dragon!
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MrFoyHobbyist Interface Designer
She's really beautiful.
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jillybean711Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shes gorgeous :O
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