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Dragon Trainer Tristana

I finished it :)
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That is awesome!
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freggin love it! Ule 
i understand that the characters are from League of Legends.
i dont really play this game but i see so much good fanart and so many good designs based upon it.
its quite astonishing really.
i particularly like your piece here for the expression X)
its such a happy picture.
the colouring is quite lovely too!

a hug for each of the characters for being cute Hug Hug 
and an epic hug for you for being awesome!Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] 
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if only i could play league again... i must b rusty at supp lmao im trash and so is my internet

I really like the details. The colors are bright and give off a cheery atmosphere ^^
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Nice work! Your dragon does look more like a vampire dog, though impressive interpretation for a dragon.
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It's not my character or dragon, both were made by League of Legends :)
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Just... WOW!!! Best you've ever drawn!
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Who needs guns when you have a portable dragon!
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Unless you had...a gun that shot Dragons!?

Hey, if rocket-propelled chainsaws can be concieved, than it's only a matter of time...
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