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Dragon Queen: Scarlet Reign Now Avaliable!

Check out the animated trailer here:…

The paperback version is available here:…
The Kindle version is here:…
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Holy mackerel!  That book cover would sure catch some eyes in book stores!  It's incredible that you're expanding your skills from drawing simply ponies from My Little Pony to humans, fantastical creatures and the like!  Keep it up!  
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Wow. I'm impressed. You should be proud.
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It's a book book? :O
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Cinestory Comic please:D (Big Grin) 
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I'm happy for you InkRose98. I found you on YouTube and watched your Equestria lore videos where you talked about your idea on the lore of MLP, and I found Dragon Queen from looking on your YouTube profile. I love the entire concept, and you don't see that much of these kinds of stories really. (I'm also one of your subscribers.)

Oh, and before I found this picture right here, my fav author is Emily Rodda. She's such a good fantasy author. Seriously, I have all of her books. I'll want to get this book just to show that I love the content you make and will never stop loving your work.)
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I want reread this book before I start the second book. I remember the chapters being in their editing phase. Now I want to read them on paper.
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i did not know u made a book thats s cool
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And here I've been wondering what to read, having finished the Age of Fire series.
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I looked at the preview for the book and so far it looks pretty interesting. I may have to purchase this one. What was your inspiration for writing this story?
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She has a video about it on YouTube where she talks about all that stuff :)
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Thanks, I literally saw it a day after this comment was posted. Talk about timing, huh? xD
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Everything that has transpired has done so according to your design, all transpired through your vision, the potential is limitless!

Adding on a bit with your Star Wars Worldbuilding, I'm absolutely 1000% sure your masterpiece of a novel, from story to artwork to character to overall originality, your work will be a better bestseller than even J K Rowling's Harry Potter series.

If this book were to get a medal, I'd give you super mega platinum. 

I've been here from beginning to end, watching the story grow through even editing those old small drafts, going through the narratives, appreciating the satire, homages, and worldbuilding, and now the whole book has finally arrived completely blowing me away with it. Everything, from cover, quality, and astonishment.

I must tell you, Ink, and I can not put this any clearer, I am TREMENDOUSLY proud of your final product, your inspirational work still moving me to this very day. Bravo,  keep up the inspiration, and BRONY ON!
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Awesome! It's a lovely book! :)
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i feel so special right now,
i've stuck around toward the beginning of the story
 and now you're making a full on book and i got to see all that 
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Oh my god this looks amazing!
Will it ever be available at places like Barnes and Noble or something like that?
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