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Dragon Queen: Lady Nailah of the Sphinx

Finished! My most complex character design ever.
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So much colour and detail you must’ve work really hard good job 👍👍
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Really well done but the hands are a little too big in proportion to the head, if you made her hair longer or gave her more hair then it would wolk better.
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Beautiful. Love the colours and the general idea, as well as all the detail on the outfit.
DuskaDoesArt's avatar
That shading tho!
Rewrite98's avatar
I bet she was complex. Look at the coloring and shading in those wings!!!!!
BlackLiquidSrw's avatar
No wonder this took you so long
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The colors are brilliant! 
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Really cool character design
PonyRushy1098's avatar
This is beautiful! I love the colors you used, they make her stand out of the crowd! I especially love the pose. It gives her a regal effect on her character. 

I cannot wait to be introduced to this character in your book!
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I love her wings so much ^w^
Kitsune-Hayashi's avatar
Awesome! She looks great!
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This is beautiful
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I have a rpg miniature that looks similar to these but feral x3
HerrGobo's avatar
All the colors!!!
Albion93's avatar
In a word... PERFECT.
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Really dig the color scheme, I love the patterns you put on the wings and jewelry!
redhead-alex's avatar
0o0 omg that is beautiful!!!!

Emiade get over here!!
redhead-alex's avatar
yeah, i figured that'd happen
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