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Dark Star Syndra (WIP)

By InkRose98
A WIP fan concept for a League of Legends skin

I'd love a critique of the design so far.

This skin is supposed to belong in the Dark Star Skin line. You can see the other skins here:……
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
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And here were have another League of Legends fan-made champion. But this is definitely one that will stick with some people.

The piece is very good at capturing one's eye, especially with the variation in color in terms of the Magic and energy (flames?) coming from the champion, and the small specks of what I think is magic residue emitting from the flames is a nice touch. This with the contrasting mostly solid colors for the armor allows the viewer to easily tell between and clothing and skin. The crumbling armor around the torso also helps. It's also notable to point out how the magic doesn't look like it's just drawn in an filled with a paint can, but it almost looks like it's smudged in to give it a look that is more natural, or should I say supernatural. Also, I like bare feet and toes, so that's a plus. It's not weird.

The feeling the general piece gives off is majestic, yet intimidating. I would not want to be hit by one of those orb-things.

While shadow or darkness mages aren't necessarily the most original idea, the mix of an astral look makes it unique in it's own way. It's an interesting but not unheard of mix of darkness meets space. Well, space is pretty dark, though.

However, not everything is a plus. While extremely well done, its difficult to tell if the blue energy coming from the champion is supposed to represent hair or a cape. The smaller black orbs with a pink glow look a lot less authentic than the larger orbs, but it's easy to miss. It kind of looks like while energy is spiraling around the black orbs, the ones with pink glow are just floating there rather motionlessly. And the detachable head and golden neck piece isn't exactly explained well in terms of purpose. It is also of similar color scheme to other mages in and out of LOL.

In terms of what is portrays, it's pretty straight forward; it's an awesome new champion fan idea for LOL. And it's pretty sweet.

Overall, it's an excellent piece, with many small details that i still continue to find after looking at this piece. It has some interesting ideas, and while not all perfectly explained in the piece, is still a great concept.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Ink, I must say, this is certainly a more different style, even though I know it is more like a concept/sketch to visualize an image. I must say, you certainly did an excellent job with the texture of her skin, it certainly looks quite realistic despite it really just a starter concept. Her suit certainly stands out as something rather unique in design and concept, it does remind me of Midnight Sparkle from the MLP Equestria Girls series. Heck, the top of her helmet does seem reminiscent of Tirek as well, but that's just me. The marks on her suit certainly bring out the feel of "I'm a powerful being with dark magic, fear me!" I have mentioned many of your art pieces certainly give me a vibe of magic, sorceress, and fantasy all together, but befitting since this is something for League of Legends, which has those elements to begin with. Nicely done with the weapons as well, they certainly give off an impression of sci-fi alien technology, especially the color schemes and shapes in design. It was also a nice touch for you to include those black hole/voids she has, as that is something that also nicely fit her representation visually. I mean, even before seeing the actual skin she's based on, it gives me an impression right away that they seem quite fitting. Lastly would be the helmet, it certainly brings out emphasis on dark magic and/or evil energy, based on the shape, design, color scheme, layout, and very nice touch with the gem in the middle, as a lot of magic fantasies do usually include s magical gem as the main power source for their abilities. The pose we have right now certainly give off an impression she's just about ready to strike and wreck havoc on anyone who dares stand before her. This is just a concept look for now, but I feel something was missing from the final product. I was thinking maybe the dark purple parts and maybe even a few of the blue parts were missing a few possible ways they could've been shaded, had more of a texture, or a little more depth to them. Same goes for the weapons as well. I know that this isn't the final product, this is just a rough draft, notes to experiment and see what you can do, but yes, I do feel there could've been something more you added to the rest of the outfit. Not just shading, but more of an overall lively feel with extra textures and all. The rest of the design more than makes up for it, since the colors, design, and overall look are excellent, as well as the fact that I could understand what you were going for, so this really isn't a big issue overall. I just feel something is kinda missing from the overall look of the picture in a few areas, but that's about it. Nothing more seems to be an issue. I know that this isn't necessarily something that takes away from the whole experience from the picture since it is just a beta concept, but I have felt there are some areas I could still arrange some constructive criticism in. So for the moment Ink, I would say amazing job. There could be a few extra things you could adjust once we get to the final product as the aforementioned extra textures or lines/marks in some areas of her outfit, but other than that, this is magnificent. A great representation of true magic within League of Legends that certainly is still a masterpiece that remains fresh despite it being based on something. It's simply beautiful. Once you get the final finished product with the final polish on it, I'm sure it'll look splendid, absolutely magically epic. Keep it up, Ink, I believe in you.
i really like it Ink, Syndra could use some more skins, and I have been starting to have her a second Main for my midlane. great work ^^ Not really sure what else to say or add.
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Nice work rose. 😃
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Oh boy, what an awesome concept!hey, that's pretty good 
I really like the mask she has too, it's soo good even Dark Star Thresh would be impressed!THE BOOZEIST OF BEAT EM' UPS! 
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Such a cool design,  the small details really add texture and intricacy to the design XD
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Beautiful! I do like the floating head :D
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Well, now I know where one of my friends got the name of an OC from
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Quite cool! The one thing I will add, though, (speak as someone mostly unfamiliar with LOL) the head in particular seems rather small and thus unintimidating. The rest of the design gives off a creepy villainous vibe, so maybe making the head larger and maybe do a few more touches to make it look more intimidating, like, say, having the teeth stick out or be a bit more pronounced. That aside, it's a really nice design.
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Amazing artwork.
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