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Art for DragonFoxGirl

Art for :icondragonfoxgirl:
She drew something wonderful for me, Apology Art for Ink Rose. by dragonfoxgirlso I made this for her as a thank you. :)
(Also I love the design of her OC)

Do you like this new sketching/coloring style?
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So much feels <3
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i like the way you drew this
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Do you think you could draw my oc Lucy?
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Oh my GWAAAAA so cute! Thanks!!!
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Wow, I love the art style you drew this in.
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Thank you, I'm planning on using it for more pony stuff in the future!
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she is a lovely artist and you made her such a lovely artwork :D
She's pretty adorable. Good job.
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I really love it :D
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I'm gonna die 
please leave this at my grave 
it's too cute 
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really cute, Ink. ^_^
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Awwww that was so sweet ^_^
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i like it ^^. Did you enjoy the video i did of you
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It was very cute. <3
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thank you. the music has kind that Legend of Zelda vibe to it
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