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An Alicorn's Destiny

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So here is that picture I was working on using the Tia and Woona vectors I made!
A lot of problems rose to the surface when making this, like the file being so super big that it crashed my Photoshop, and then when I did it on my Dad's computer it crashed his computer, the fact that the colors on my laptop screen are messed up, and a whole bunch of other things.

And after all of my hard work and toil, here is a picture depicting the start of Tia and Woona's ascent.

Tia, Woona, and Fausticorn vectors made in Illustrator CS2
Background and shading effects made in Photoshop CS2

Hope you enjoy!
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I like this a lot you did a really good job on this and it came out awesome but Luna needs to be shaded and there's a small glow around their "mom?" I'm guessing. Also this relates nothing to your backround anylisis video you said that they were "natural" allicorns but in this picture Tia is a unicorn and Luna is an pegasus. So your saying that they were "artificial" like cadence and twilight. Otherwise the picture is beautiful and just amazing I love it a lot and I hope you do more like this In the future. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/> bye!
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InkRose98Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!
This is just a "what if" picture saying what if Tia and Luna were artifical alicorns? I don't really believe that though. This pic was just for fun. :)
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Your welcome :)
Ohh ok I understand :D
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This is... beautiful. I think you have captured the essence of the moment very well. Although I absolutely ADORE this piece, Luna could have been shaded a little better. That's it.
It's original, as I haven't seen anything remotely like this (other Mary Sue OC fics don't count).
I thought about this long after I fav'd it. After all, it's very similar to what actually happened. Faust stepped down and there are new writers, such as Celestia and Luna rising to the responsibility. All in all, it felt very profound to me.
... this just looks like I'm gushing over it, doesn't it? Shutting up now.
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dksponge13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Boy, wouldn't be awesome if Hasbro made a spinoff that focused on Celestia and Luna when they were much younger mares, and the friendship lessons they themselves endured? 😀
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RedSnivyRacerStudent Digital Artist
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DaviDark-TheGunterHobbyist Digital Artist
i think i was the only one that think that if luna was not an alicorn, she will be a pegasi
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My head canon involves Woona being a Pegasi and Tia being a Unicorn.
Woona gets raised by abusive warrior pegasi  and Tia gets the easy civilized Unicorn life.
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Headcanon accepted.
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ClockspurHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Why did you make that picture when you made that whole entire lecture on Princess Luna and Princess Celestia being born alicorns, living by themselves, and their mom and dad being diffs?
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InkRose98Professional Digital Artist
This is just a what if picture
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TheHappyGreenDragonHobbyist General Artist
AHA!!!!! I knew I wasn't the only one who thought this!!!!
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A lovely concept with a beautiful execution. I don't know yet whether I prefer to think that Celestia and Luna were born alicorns or ascended like Cadence & Twilight did, but this picture makes the "ascension" option much more pleasing to me than it used to be.
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celestiaandluna23Hobbyist Artist
lol cool you should make one of cadence

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GoldieWishesHobbyist Digital Artist
where's celestia's wings? ;w;
(possibly the crash? .-.)
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No, that's pre-ascention Celestia, who was just a unicorn, and pre-ascention Luna, who was a pegasus. This is the day they fulfilled their destinies and became alicorns.
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GoldieWishesHobbyist Digital Artist
Up to this point, I'm not sure what I was intending anymore xD
Ohhhhh! I'm not sure if I already knew a long time ago or not o:
but that makes sense :D
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celestiaandluna23Hobbyist Artist

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So true.  Before Tia has wings and Luna had a horn.  Well done! :+fav:
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thefan2Hobbyist General Artist
so cute and epic!
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where is lunas horn?
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InkRose98Professional Digital Artist
This is before they were alicorns.
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