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Aelwen's Dragon Form (Shaded)

The fully shaded version of her dragon form!
I am really, really proud of this one. I ended up shading her a bit differently than I normally shade my characters, and also used deeper colors to accentuate her form. 

What do you think?
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This looks amazing
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Beautiful as ever Ink Rose and Your amazing.:love: 
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Gosh, she's so cute!
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How do you choose the color of your dragon character scale color?
SilverDragonQueen's avatar
Sorry I got distracted half way through writing the comment. I apologize for the strange way it was written
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This looks really cool. Any particular reason why the wing membranes are semi-transparent? Just asking because I don't see people draw dragons like that, like.... ever.
InkRose98's avatar
I thought it would be cool, plus it allows for her body to be seen underneath.
WinterSage37's avatar
Well it definitely does look cool. Very unique. Can't say I've ever seen that before, and I look at a lot of dragon art daily.
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AchieveHunter1's avatar
Your Dragon looks Amazing Ink Rose!
Indigo-Steel's avatar
WOW. You *should* be proud, This REALLY pops! This...*points at drawing* keep doing this shading!
pinkponygirl311's avatar
She looks fantastic!
Also would the blue-green scales be a different type of gemstone?
Dolphingirl02's avatar
It looks so real!
Jdailey1991's avatar
I never understood the appeal of elbow spikes.
TUVGM's avatar
So cool! Starstruck / Starry Eyed 
DiBiasiosketch98's avatar
Damn, your so good! 😍😍😍
Brianna330's avatar
Ermahgerd, this is beautiful!! The development is just absolutely jaw-dropping, I can't even-- la in love 
HerrGobo's avatar
Holy crap O_o
rebelEquilibrium's avatar
This is so pretty!
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