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Aelwen Sketch Dump

expressions :o

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Such a young yet mature lady. Aelwen is so kawaii! 

Also, is it just me, or the top-left Aelwen kinda looks like Liriel. O_O
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I agree, it does have some elements in the face resembling to the false queen.
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This looks great, reminds me of Disney :)
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Aelwen's face expressions are really adorable XD, Well done.
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You know, I never actually noticed before, but the pointy ears actually do make me think it's an homage to Yoda. I kinda feel that represents how both Yoda and Aelwen use what's really important, their perseverance to prevail. I recall the ears weren't there before, so it is a bit of a design change that does suit the spirit of the story in a sense. Definitely making me think there's more inspiration here from Star Wars that goes beyond just worldbuilding.
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Uhm, no, that's not it at all XD
It's more just that I like elfish ears is all.
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OMG Aewlen is so cute. 😄😍
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