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Aelwen Sketch

Aelwen's design continues to alter slightly as I get better at drawing dragons.
What do you think?
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is it ok if I take it and repost it with redone lines with color and all. just not scales cause I suck at em.

Dont worry I will give full credit to you. :)
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No thank you, I'm working on doing something like that myself
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I'm not good giving out advice on art but I can send tutorial on dragons because while you are getting better at drawing them. I think your scales need a little more work but that's the hardest part of drawing a dragon.
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She looks amazing! I actually got a little Wings of Fire vibe off of it when I first saw it!
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I think it looks a lot more like a dragon. This new design really came a long long way from the pony-dragon...hybrid...thing look.
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It looks good... Certainly more "realistic" looking with great detail the placement of scales and so on. Though, I'd also say that the designs for her that made it into the book looked good as well.
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Such a beautiful dragon.
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Aelwen looks so much better, she now looks like an actual dragon. 😍😍😍😍😍
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Much more dragonoid than the very MLP-esque style you had for her before
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So much detail! She looks amazing.
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