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Aelwen Dragon Design Update

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The reference for Aelwen's new dragon design!
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HenryLouis21Hobbyist Writer
I gotta say that I love the design for this dragon. I do like the see-through wings and the spikes on its head and tail. And I would love to see this transcend into Live Action 
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covveStudent General ArtistFeatured
I really like the design and colours you've got going here, it looks p great!
I would suggest maybe studying bat wing anatomy, since the wings are really odd in proportion. I did a quick redline correcting the wings. They're not exactly anatomically accurate, but it might be something for you to look into~
I also moved the wings off the shoulder a bit more and gave them more muscle since they'd need more muscle for flight. I also changed up the elbow finger on the wing a bit, I'd have it more like a cartilage extension rather than bone.
The only other thing I found a bit odd was the scales and spines along the neck. The spines going in this direction would be awkward for certain movements/ positions. A good animal to reference for large scales would be the pangolin.
Keep it up!
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InkRose98Professional Digital Artist
This is wonderful help, thank you very much :)
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covveStudent General Artist
You're most welcome!
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DiBiasiosketch98Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aelwen looks amazing, but why are her wings so big?
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Damn! That is one cool design. Grate jod you made a fine piece of work!
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A suggestion on making semi realistic dragons. Have the back legs be lizard like to add support, have the wing membrane extend near the tip of the tail so the tail doesn't create drag, lower the neck, make the eyes a little smaller, make the neck scales go backward instead of forward to be more aerodynamic, have the wing membranes at the tips be more rounded, and replace the front legs with wings. Only a suggestion.
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TheRambunctiousKiwiStudent General Artist
I do like this new design, however the wigs look too big, shrinking them just a little might help. The new color complements her eyes and the blue-green spots along her body and claws. Making the spots a little larger and/or more noticeable could do her design some good. Try using the "larger circle next to the smaller circles" pattern on her wings as the pattern for her spots too, just a few suggestions. Other than that, I do think this is a strong design for her, the level of detail put into this really makes it shine. 
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InkRose98Professional Digital Artist
Wonderful feedback, thank you.
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TheRambunctiousKiwiStudent General Artist
You're welcome, have a lovely day :)
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Bigger wings than Flurry Heart's XD
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PainterqueenHobbyist General Artist
I must say she is beautiful. i love the scale design, but however not so much the blue wings. The blue dots on her bod look amazing. I say keep the blue dots, but not the blue wings. sooo yea but amazing job other than the blue wings.
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MLP-ZipplebitHobbyist General Artist
The wings are green...
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StardustAstroHobbyist General Artist
now she reminds me of the gem, bloodstone 
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pinkponygirl311Hobbyist General Artist
Well done! She looks beautiful although her colors defiantly remind me of Christmas
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AJ-PrimeHobbyist Digital Artist
Hrm.....I do like that the wing membrane areas are a different color, just not sure about the light green. I like the pink spotty designs though.

All in all, it's very well-done. :3
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ArtStude3n2Hobbyist Digital Artist
She must fly faster, if not the same speed, as a jet with those giant wings.
Indigo-Steel's avatar
Indigo-SteelHobbyist General Artist
I like it! These dragon designs are getting better and better!
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LadyRobotHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooooh nice! I like that you've incorporated another color to complement the red.
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Aelwen sounds similar to Alduin of Skyrim (plays theme song)
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Brianna330Hobbyist General Artist
I really love how the scales on her body stand out compared to her old design. I can see that you put more muscles into her features as a dragon, and the spikes all over her body are just spot on. However, I just don't feel like a huge fan of Aelwen's wing membranes. The color does not compliment the red pyrope-scales and the those pink circle-thingies on her wings don't make any sense to me.

Sorry, this is kinda the first time I've ever critisized one of your work. 
Albion93's avatar
While I like the size and proportions given to Aelwen, I'm not too crazy about the real wing membranes just yet, but I could get used to it. And everything else, like her horns and scales, is drawn and coloured in a way that stands out. Aelwen isn't an expo of Spyro or Smaug, she is her own design. :)
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Atlanta-HammyStudent Digital Artist
So you know, Claws and Horn color normally go together as they are both typically made of the same material (with hair) Unless you are going for the horns being made of bone.

Other then that lil' nitpick mine, looks fine~ Very.. Chrismassy xD
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CaataegusHobbyist Digital Artist
Dragons are usually far bigger than humans but I'm just nitpicking so ignore me
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