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Aelwen Chracter Illustration 2



Illustration of Aelwen at the second half of the book.
This took a long time to finish...

Her look at the beginning of the book: Aelwen Character Illustration 1 by InkRose98
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Out of curiosity, I opened the original drawing of Aelwen just because it's been so long since I've seen her as a human.

In the space of a year, it's almost unreal how much of a difference there is. The original Aelwen was well-designed, but she lacked anything that showcased her personality.

THIS Aelwen is ready to kick forty types of butt and reclaim everything and anything that's been stolen from her. I would love to see a side-by-side just to showcase how much Aelwen's evolved from your initial incarnation.

I love her outfit. I love that she's in a dress, but it's practical for combat. I love all the little details on her dress that are no doubt personal items that reveal even more of her personality. I love her boots. The colors are perfect, calling back to the initial design of her in green, but showing the red of her dragon form with pride. Also, I'm super jealous of all that shading. IT'S AMAZING. (end fangirl moment)

What I really love is her expression. It's like she's just spotted an enemy and she's prepping herself (and maybe anyone who's following her??) for a fight. She looks fierce, confident, and even hopeful. She is not one to back down, she looks ready to face the odds and beat them.

Your art style has definitely improved since Aelwen's first appearance, and I'm excited to see what other ideas you have for the Dragon Queen universe.