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A comic about why Link breaks pots.

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Wait, YOU'RE the genius behind this? :D

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lol This never really crossed my mind.

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The big irony is that what if his hand too big to fit in the pot
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The most expensive of vases cost 200 rupees.
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it's not witchcraft link,it's common logic.
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WITCHCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also acorn pots
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Lol breaking pots in Legends Of Zelda are my favorite hobby
Gemthewolf23's avatar
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But do it like that not so intresting, break vase is more fun! :D
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Oh god, this is priceless haha. You rock Zelda :XD:
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I saw your comic on Imgur. I'm not sure if it will be a useful thing to know for you.
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You and Josh should do a comic dub of this.
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LoL this is so true XD
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Zelda has had enough of your crap, Link.
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Okay... that made me lol. It legitimately did not occur to me that you could just reach in the pots.
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... i would have laught when she wouldn't have got her Hand out of the Pot with the Ruby...  i guess then Link would have laughted back :D
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i loved the 4th and 5th panel
father i have sinned Can't stop laughing.!
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Link, you are a silly. But yes, Zelda does perform witchcraft. Part of her wisdom.
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I personally dont get the point of breaking jars and piggybanks to get what's inside, they can be easily taken out.
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Oh link you never learn
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this is hillarious! nice job!
I love it!  LoZ was my favorite game as a kid, and when I was about 22 or so, my roommate found an NES emulator with LoZ on it.  We broke out the guide book and played start to finish in about 12 hours, it was loads of fun.
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