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I know this rant has been done before but I just wanted to show you my thoughts. Be aware this is my opinion and you don't have to agree with me but please no hateful comments or I will block you. 

Serial Killers are not cute
I understand the overwhelming amount of fangirls in the fandom but don't call them 'cute.' Looks can be deceiving in the real world because it might result bad consequences. Now tell me are these real serial killers cute? 
 or maybe the Boston bomber? 
Sure you might think they're cute or sexy but remember this, they won't want you be their girlfriend and have a happy relationship with you, they will kill you on the spot or maybe have you as a girlfriend and kill you afterwords. 
Its the same thing with Jeff the Killer,Masky,Hoodie,Slenderman,ect. They don't give a crap of you. They will manipulate you and kill you. However outside of creepypasta, there is a fan club who supports the boston bomber. Guess what? Its run by fangirls who does not want him to be charge the death penalty because he is 'too pretty to die.' (Link to the article a below) 
Are.You.F******. Kidden. Me? He should get the death penalty because the court decides that. They won't listen to fangirls and accept their complaints just because he'e too cute to die? Bullshit. 
If I read a really good story or see a drawing of somebody killing Jeff or any serial killer CP, I do not want to read the comments and see fangirls complying,"JEFY is too SMEXY to DIE!" "DON"T KIll Slendy senpai!" 
I personally like Jeff the Killer,Slendy, Ticci Toby,ect because of the challenges they went through in the past and what drove them to kill others. I in the underhand would play Dead by My Chemical Romance during a scene where they die. 
Go ahead and make them Jeff handsome with a creepy atmosphere but please enough with the shirtless and sexy drawings. Would you like it if you are a friend or relative who was murdered by Ted Bundy and see a drawing of him shirtless and a comment from the artist saying, "Ted Bundy was too sexy to die!" No, you won't like that. 
This is just a rant I have with the fandom. I won't bother with Mary Sues. I just won't. 
I am currently studying to be a criminologist and I know my facts about serial killers. 
Ted Bundy: serial killer, rapist, kidnapper and a necrophile. Killed 30 but could be more victims. 17 on the scale of evil
John Wayne Gacy: Rapist and Serial Killer.  Killed 33 young males and little boys. 22 on the scale of evil. 
Richard Ramirez: serial killer, rapist and burglar. Killed 14 people 
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: ( Not a serial killer) Killed 3 people and injured others 


I would to love to hear your comments! Thank you for reading my journal! 
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 Welcome to the Arbitrary! 

Four dark words spread across the walls of what it looks like a waiting haul. A large t.v hang on the walls with couches and a table with chairs. A large refrigerator stand in the corner humming in the silent room. I don't remember how I got there but as I think of any past memories it all seem faded and dull. I'll I can remember is my name and age.  To my right an door with black painted words with my name read
Dr. Victor Amos
"But what a minute, I'm only 15!" I thought.
But out of curiosity and the fact there is no exit, my shaking hands grabbed the handle and the door opened silently. The room revealed a black metal desk with a laptop, various sizes and colors of notebooks stacked neatly next to it and pens as well. A large bookshelf stands behind the desk with books stacked neatly. As I observed the books with titles such as Sigmund Freud, Michael Stone, and books on serial killers. My hands picked up a book on Jefferey Dahmer, a clear and sharp flash struck my brain and a memory triggered. I remember myself in class studying psychology in school with an open textbook about sociology. It was quite welcoming actually because I now remember the excitement and the blood bowling on my veins, eager to learn how just looking beneath the problem can help society. My memory faded away until I saw my hands still holding the Jefferey Dahmer book. I adjusted my glasses and made a more clear observation of the room. The floor had black tiles with white lining and the walls with a mahogany color hangs pictures of what appears to be Rorschach images. I sat down on the chair, putting the book on the table. I opened the laptop but to my dis amusement the laptop is dead. 
"Looking for this?"  
A dark haired boy about my age stood with a dark jacket and pants holding of what appears to be a computer charger. 
"Yes" I replied," But why am I here?"
He smirked and gave a yawn. "The big man sent me here to welcome you." 
He strode in and took out his hand from his jacket pocket. "Name's Vincent." 
He lead me back to the waiting room and grab two sodas from the refrigerator. "Here, its a long story so might as well drink something."
We sat down and took something out of his jacket pocket. "This is your skull." The skull was white but had signs of aging and wear. 
"I apologize but you are now a spirit that means you are no longer alive." This unfortunately did not grieve me but only created more questions than answers. "Now, I know you have question but here me out." He took a sip of his drink and continued. "I'm the Reaper's assistant. My job is to travel  around the world and collect souls. Sometimes though if the person who wishes to die without pain, we just touch the human and carry there souls away. Right now, I'm taking a break to talk to you. Anyway, the Grim Reaper had a talk to the guy upstairs. The problem was, God wants to rest the peace of the serial killers. Which means, make the serial killers feel humanity again." 
"But that's not possible," I replied,"They are evil, why would we put them at peace if they are dead?" 
Vincent crushed the can and through it to the recycle bin. 
"They are not dead, that's the main problem, they are tortured souls because they did not have the feeling of humanity." 
"But what's the difference to other evil people like Adolf Hitler?" 
"Adolf Hitler is at peace,but he is still a tortured soul that needs to feel humanity and that is where I give you an assignment." 
How can this be possible? Am I  some sort of Reaper like them? How did I die? 
"Your job Victor is to be an arbiter. Give them the childhood they never had and analyze their progress. But as you further progress, you will gain more memories. Your a Reaper congrats." He stood up and grab another soda. "I'll check on you tomorrow, i opened new rooms for you to explore so enjoy your stay." 
Before I can ask him more questions, he disappeared into black dust.  
Thank you very much for reading my first Creepypasta story! Please do not steal my OC's (Vincent and Victor) 
This is part 1 so more to come!
I accept honest criticism! 
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Hello! I have enjoyed the loving community Devianart has shown to me. I understand their are quite many art thieves, cyber bullying,etc in this community but I gather enough knowledge to handle the situation. I want to introduce myself as Inkris and I am a hobbyist. I am part of the Sherlock and the Otaku fandom. But I am quite new to the CreepyPasta fandom and I understand CreepyPasta does have issues within the community but what fandom does not have an issue?
 bunneh icon17  
Anyways, I am trying to pursue a career in Criminology. I am very fascinated with the mind of a serial killer or any criminal in particular. Please don't see me as a person who loves serial killers because I don't. I look beneath the surface of the mind of a murderer and analyze their ambitions and backstory. If we look only the surface and just judge them on their wrongdoing, we are not helping society. Yes we can judge them to put them behind bars but also trying to look beneath the surface can help improve society and prevent any mistakes from happening. I would type on about serial killers but that's for another journal post. 

However, I have many interest from Hello Kitty to My Chemical Romance. My interest could be quite random. So here they are:

Katy Perry, Taylor Swift,Demi Lovato, Lindsey Sterling,Fall Out Boy,Panic at the Disco,My Chemical Romance,Evanescence 
Neil Gaiman,Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and many more

I am also interested in Steampunk. I rarely dislike anything unless its idiots and more idiotic politicians. 
Thank you for reading my Journal post and I hope I can meet many new artist here in Devianart. Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

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