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Tribute to Hellraiser

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Airbrush and oil painting honoring a major source of inspiration for my work Donnie Darko is next...
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Now that's terrifying. 
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Pinhead is so awesome 
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Wonderful work!La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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Una pasada !!!
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though Pinhead might be a little creepy, i gotta admit that he's really kinda cute. But besides that, this is AWESOME!!! :D
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Very nice work! :D
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This is great. You should join my new group, MovieManiacs and post this there.
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That's awesome dude, Pinhead rocks.
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Thanks, and yes I'll have to agree he certainly does rock. Nice avatar pic, another of my favorites, lets hope they don't screw it up too bad in the upcoming remake.
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Thanks but I have a feeling that they will screw it up that bad in the upcoming remake, look what happened to Halloween and Friday The 13th. :(
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Oh man. Remakes. :XD: They're supposed to remake the Evil Dead stuff too. *sob* Well, they can never replace the original. I don't know why they remake the cult stuff. Remaking Amityville Horror was cool and redoing the old B&W stuff like House on Haunted Hill is awesome but redoing Freddy, Jason, Myers, Ash, Pinhead? ... Come on! Next they'll remake Chucky too!
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I did'nt really care for the remake of the amityville horror either because it was'nt really close to being based on the book like the original film was. I'd rathe get an Evil Dead 4 rather than another Evil Dead remake and besides, is'nt Evil Dead 2 supposed to be a remake of the first one anyway? And yeah, they're already remaking Child's Play too but I actually think that one will turn out ok if not, pretty good.
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Actually, Evil Dead 2 is not a full remake. From the start where he brings Linda to the Cabin, beheads her, buries her, and is drug off by the thing in the woods, is a mini remake of ED1. At the very end of ED1 he is grabbed by the thing in the woods. From that point in the ED2 film it's all sequel. :nod:

Army of Darkness kinda does the same thing. They dis-acknowledge the ending of ED2 where he lands in the Medieval period and redo everything from the opening of the portal.

I liked the new Amityville Horror in that it was well made. I'm not too picky if something doesn't fit a book. I don't like remakes/recasts of characters. You cannot replace Doug Bradly as Pinhead, Robert England as Freddy, Brad Dourif as Chucky, Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Bruce Campbell as Ash, Etc. To me they are all established personas in my mind. (Myers and Jason are a little more flexible but can still be ruined) It's why I disliked Batman and Robin and Batman Forever. Joel Totally ruined the Michael Keaton Batman persona in what should have been a "sequel" The new Batman stuff doesn't bother me so much because it's not supposed to be the Burton Style Bat.

I'm pretty picky like that. :/ So ... if Sam even THINKS about remaking the ED stuff rather than making a sequel ... I'll not buy a ticket or DVD. I'll pirate. LOL! Which is saying a lot for me because I am totally against film piracy.
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Basically it's a requel then.

I actually enjoyed Batman Forever, I thought Val Kilmer did a good job on playing Batman like Keaton did. Same here basically, that's the reason why I hate remakes as well.

I'm pretty sure Sam would'nt do that, he and Bruce are pretty good friends and I'm pretty sure he'll do an evil dead 4 and not a remake.
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I hope they don't remake it. I'd love to see Bruce return as Ash. Have you read the Freddy VS Jason VS Ash comics? :XD: I have the graphic novel of the first set, and 1-5 of 6 of the Dream Warriors follow up set. I'm waiting for #6 to come to the comic shop. :D They are so funny and awesome and bloody. Pretty much what it should be if they did merge all 3 movies. The first set picks up right after the film Freddy VS Jason, with Freddy's spirit stuck in Jason's head. And, Freddy keeps messing with him and driving him nuts because he's bored. One scene had a cabin at camp Crystal Lake jumping and Jason goes in to find Freddy in bed with his mom. :XD: Classic!
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Wow, that's awesome! Definitely one of the best Pinhead pics I've seen!

Nice avvie, btw :D
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I love the use of blues and whites here, it's reminiscent of the 80's, but still quite evil-looking.
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Wow. I love the all over blue hues.
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Very menacing.
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Wow, it looks scary but beautifully done! :clap:
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wow nice use of the airbrush looks great!
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