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Inspired by "le chat noir" because I love art nouveau and black cats 🖤


Remember that you can also find me on instagram!

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  1. Hello just wanted to stop by. You have such amazing art just curious if you take art trades?

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love the simplicity of it and those eyes really say quite a lot!! stunning drawing!

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Thank you! You are too kind :)

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what a perfect design:clap:

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Elegant and beautiful.

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uhh, already captivating with mysticism and cute ^^

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Beautiful work !

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A perfect takeoff from an iconic poster! Very well done. I love art nouveau too.

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Thank you! Glad you like it :)

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aaaa I love your artstyle!!! It's so pretty and simplistic, but ominous at the same time with all the dark, sharp contrast and deep colors :)

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Oh my, thank you very much! What a nice comment :huggle:

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very art nouveau....reminds me of Le Chat Noir poster

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Yes exactly! That's what I said in the caption hehe :)

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shows you how much I read ;P

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So cool! Nice work!

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The shadow above the cat makes me think of a "dark laser pointer," and now my overactive imagination is thinking this cat doesn't take kindly to laser pointers. :giggle:

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