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Scott in Space



Or Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe: For Reals This Time

Sort of a gift art for *radiomaru. At comiccon during the SP6 panel, he made an off hand comment about maybe doing a straight up sci fi story in a different setting with the Scott Pilgrim characters (he was joking). That was something that used to happen in anime. I don't know if it still does. Like, there are all these Project A-ko movies where the characters are all high school students and then suddenly there's another movie where they're bounty hunters in space.

So yeah, Scott and Gideon are partners in the Space Detectives (or something) and I guess Ramona is, like, a space pirate now?

Also, this is the first thing I've colored in a while and I hope my monitor is calibrated well. Does this coloring look like ass to you?
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FREEZE you daft punk! It's the SPACE PAHLEEEZE!!!