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By inklou
I really wish I had more time to work on this ): But Fan Expo was looming over my head so I had to cut off the process at some point! But anyways, I definitely will dedicate more pieces to Bioshock in the near future, everything about it is fucking awesome!
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This is Great! So dramatic!
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Bioshock is just one big beautiful story.
EpicFemShep's avatar
Gorgeous! Great job!
Guido3Pro's avatar
Needless of pulish, it´s already an gorgeous piece of art
CakeandCandles's avatar
This is breathtaking! <3 Its beautiful!
oragamiknight's avatar
i love your style :D 
AnomalyArcadeSticks's avatar
Damn this one is super sick!
Moonbound10101's avatar
i love this picture, i only wish that you would do more with the fire (its all one color).
inklou's avatar
urgh totally, it was so rushed, I barely had time to finish it for printing xD I definitely need to do a better piece because infinite is such a great game on so many levels, oh man.
Pickledsuicune's avatar
This picture is unbelievably awesome. The atmosphere is great, it's so intense! Songbird's eyes really makes for an excellent background.
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Too beautiful, even I am lazy I will still leave a comment for your awesomeness.
Sorain26's avatar
I absolutely love the lighting in this so vibrant and wispy. Beautifully done.
sunarii's avatar
love it! omg :iconcannotevenplz:
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This is my favourite Bioshock Infinite piece by far! Your style is very beautiful. Excited to see more art like this in the future! Also..Give us the girl and wipe away the debt. A very awesome game indeed with a very exciting story line :)
Do you sell this on a site or somewhere? I'd love to buy it.
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Is there a way to get this printed or canvased or something?
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A masterpiece
VibrantDivine's avatar
Great work man! Freakin awesome, the colour you got goin is done really well. The way you've done it, all strokey like, looks really good. Well done ;)
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Thanks man! Really grateful for the compliment! :D
Rurouni-Kei's avatar
Great work, love the use of colors, also love the strokes used here.
Digital-Fey's avatar
Very nice, the composition really draws you in!
garouve's avatar
Wow that's amazing, great job *^*
felitomkinson's avatar
AWESOME. Wonderful work.
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