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Five Minutes

[edit] oh dear lord I forgot to add. John's pose was directly referenced from a screenshot of Rick Grimes from TWD. Just saying. I'm paranoid when it comes to references and credits.

I'm not sure if people will release a hunting party on me if I keep posting angst like this. THEN AGAIN I REGRET NOTHING BECAUSE GUISE, ZOMBIE SHERLOCK IS SO FUN TO DRAW YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Based on Prompt #2: 'Five minutes'.

Yes, it's a Doctor Who-inspired prompt, of course, but I was also watching the Walking Dead so this happened. Don't blame me blame the Walking Dead.

100 TC- 30. Under the Rain
Sherlock (c) BBC
art (c) Inklou
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A striking and sudden jerk on the heartstrings, Although John is a loyal friend, we all know his nature and the unavoidable conclusion.

The piece is well drawn, in a beautiful yet grim style that fits the piece.

The Zombie!Lock universe, nor this plot, is not particularly original, but it is one of the more little known Alternate Sherlock Universes, a shame as it means many would overlook this, when in fact it is a near-masterpeice.

As a fan-fiction writer I must applaud you on how incredibly "in character" this is. Thank you for gracing the fandom with your work.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
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:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

This is such a crushing scene. In two panels we are overwhelmed with more emotion than many movies convey in two hours.
The first panel we see a devastated but resolute John addressing Sherlock. "I was only away for five minutes, Sherlock." What happened during those five minutes that could have John looking this weary and heartbroken? Is Sherlock dead? Injured? John's posture is erect, confident (or perhaps, like I said before, resolute), but his face, especially the eyes and eyebrows, show his devastation.

Then we go down to the next panel and see something (through John's eyes) even worse than true death- Sherlock transformed into a zombie. His gaunt figure is now twisted and falling apart- his wan skin now grey with death. His normally perfect clothes are bloodied and tattered. In short, John's worst fears realized. The mottled greys, vague shadows of zombies, and tilted angle of the background as well as the rain contribute to the atmosphere. John's bitter comment- "Five bloody minutes" and his hand and gun in the foreground fill the viewer with an impending sense of finality- we know that while John loves Sherlock (whether as a friend or something more is left for us to decide), John will ultimately make the best decision for the both of them and pull the trigger, though who knows what he'll do next. He may become embittered but even more determined to survive. He may turn the gun on himself.
This is among one of the best pieces in your gallery and one that I for one do not tire of studying.
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I accidentally pressed the unfair button.
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But I really did like this critique, it sort of made the picture better (which I didn't think was possible)
But yeah sorry.
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Haha, you're welcome! :D
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By the way, this is my first critique. I'm glad you didn't chuck it. XD
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Man, I honestly have no idea how the critique system works on dA until you actually gave me one! xD So do I have to like, click 'fair' or something in order for it to be displayed underneath the deviation? That's a tad useless isn't it? I mean, if the artist is butt-hurt and clicks unfair, it won't show up, and that particular critique can't be judged by a third person...can it? o_o

Aside from that, THANK YOU FOR THE CRITIQUE (and man your writing's wonderful). It's a very accurate portrayal of my thoughts when I made it. I'm surprised you have nothing negative to say about my piece LOL //shot
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I had no idea, either! I just kind of... guessed. XD I think that's what you do. I just got my first critique and clicked "fair." XD I know! Maybe the "unfair" button is for people who are absolutely horrible, mean, and bullying? :shrug:

You're welcome! Haha, thank you! I was in A.P. Lit and A.P. Eng.- if I learned anything in those classes, it was how to properly critique something! XD
I probably should have said something negative, but... I'm not good at that, especially when you blow me away. XD If I were to say something negative, Watson's nose looks a bit odd to me for some reason. That's seriously the only thing I can come up with. XD
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That's awesome!
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So tetrical, with a great style of drawing.
Worthy of a work of art. :)
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So sad. You have beautiful style.
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I want to know the story behind this. Well, so long as it's a good ending. I have read one fic where sherlock is a zombie but he's more aware than most and even though he has trouble keeping his thoughts, has no memories and expressing himself properly...he still follows John around. For now I'm going to pretend this is a scene from that fic because it really needs a story so badly.
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Cold body warm heart I think it was called

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Okay so you have some serious talent wow
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I can't tell if John is crying or not but, brilliant work! The art is amazing, the emotions are clear through out only 2 panels, I wouldn't be surprised if you work for a big name comic industry or something like one!
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can somebody write a book about the Zombie-Lock apocalypse  please!!!
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Check, there are a few on there.
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Oh my!!! This is brilliant!!!!! And yes, The Walking Dead make many suffer coz of that (turning our faves on zombies...why??!!??) x) By the way, amazing art style!
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Okay this is a more reaistic title to give this:
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That is so like Sherlock to go and turn so exceptionally quickly. I bet zombie sherlock stumbles around going "Boooooored...."
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