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cracked foundation
Every day starts the same. In the dark we are still, huddled inside a box together. The first stirrings in the Universe happen with the cacophony of bells: light follows swiftly, and the ground beneath rumbles as the gods awaken. We are laid out bare on the floor, picked up and inspected close up one by one. Most times, we are forced to reveal our innards, spewing them onto the gods, who huff and curse lest we eject our contents a millimetre wrong. Sometimes, after a particularly bad performance, we end up in the Asylum, a mish-mash jenga-hell where broken friends mingle with putrid waste and crooked bodies of strangers. It is a place we d
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here's to the ones who dream
Blue Starfield Necklace
Through every crevasse of our private universe I'll chase, grasping the meteor's coat tails as its life force is spent creating shooting stars for us to wish on. (isn't it curious that matter we'll never meet fizzles out in lighting energy to grant selfish dreams and burning desires?) Your mind is a wormhole stuck looping and twirling into unseen darknesses, ricocheting silently- - a pinball trapped between bumpers, your lips running free with musings: the building blocks of God cannot be the same as those of our existence- - perhaps, my dear, there's undiscovered matter that constructs the unimaginable. we fall into constellations
Eleventh Hour
“Will that be all, my Lady?” Scarlett curtsied low, waiting. Her Mistress, Lady Margo, was little older than herself, and had a fancy for unnecessary unkindness. Only last Winter she’d shut one of the Help outside: when she was found, her words were jibberish, and her cocoa hands tinged blue. Nancy was lucky not to lose a finger, or worse die from the pneumonia… Lady Margo was feeling indifferent: Father hadn’t returned from his business trip, and she hadn’t laid eyes on him in weeks. Besides, being lady of the Manor was becoming a tiresome folly. It didn’t better her mood to see the insolent maid b

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cecegraceEdited |Student General Artist
Thank you for the :+fav: !
As per your suggestion, I just found this piece when I was welcoming a new deviant:
my first digital painting hope you all like it :) by pravaliika
I can't believe it's not a photograph.
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Whaaaaat that is iNCREDIBLE! 100% favourited for a later feature, thank you so much for sharing :heart:
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cecegrace|Student General Artist
You're welcome! Thank you for spreading positivity!
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Thank you for Watching me! Much appreciated
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not a problem - should've done so many moons ago! as a ffm stalwart you're something to aspire to! :heart: 
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Oh, you spoil me!
Sadly, I'm on a huge guilt trip as of late for not working on more pressing projects, so FFM might not happen, much though I'd like it to. I do try to keep an eye on other people's efforts, though, because bite-sized lit always goes in nicely
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TeaLeafThief|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav:)! Really like your work, very cool!
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