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JL 4 Jim Lee Scott Williams

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Cover for Justice League #4 by Jim Lee and myself. If you are an Aquaman fan, this one is for you!
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Crystal88LakeHobbyist General Artist
Love it 😊
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LOVE IT!!! Love Jim Lee, awesome guy!
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4RN13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome eyecandy sir.
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artyvickyProfessional Digital Artist
The only inker who can do justice to Jim Lee's pencils.Awesome inking.
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chestertheartistProfessional General Artist
My favorite artist besides Rob Liefeld!
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barneybluepantsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice !!!
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rcardoso530Professional Digital Artist
hey brother do you have a high rez of this one?
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gears149Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Only Jim can make Aquaman look like such a bad-a$$....
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suranjanbasuProfessional Digital Artist
Not an Aquaman fan, but am a big fan of yours
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mdufHobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing. what tools did you use to complete this?
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Wow, you are amazing sir! I know you ink Jim Lee's, and David Finch's work. Are there any other pencilers you would like to work with? I personally would love to see your inks on Ryan Ottley's pencils.
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This is awesome. One of my favourite covers!!
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BobTheEgg General Artist
TRULY AMAZING! You are a fantastic inker! Your work is amazing, I just bought JL #4 and I LOVED IT! You did a great job inking Darksied as well! :D
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JTDixonProfessional Traditional Artist
This is Comic Art Perfection!!!!
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RssDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Green lantern is having a very bad day indeed.
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VanRahProfessional Digital Artist
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JokerHarley2345Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wasn't before, but with this new 52 series I sure am. I can't wait for this cover and issue to come out.
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SpiderGuileProfessional Traditional Artist
Magnificent cover art and inks!!!!
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MasonEasleyProfessional General Artist
Not an Aquaman fan, but this might change my mind.
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robertmarzulloProfessional Digital Artist
Fantastic work!
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May I have permission to color this.
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cdmalcolmProfessional Digital Artist
:icondeadpool9:You guy are my # 1 artists, STILL to this day. No one can come close. your inks is sooo masterful, I explode with influence. I just want to drop everything and go draw. Big fan since the X-man and NOW, JLA ?!? Batman Hush... I read what you said about Jim in Batman Hush Unwrapped. Your words are so true. Your inks is my main influence for inking today. Let me stop. You two are awesome. Please keep it coming.
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erdna1Professional Traditional Artist
I'm a Scott Williams fan, so this one is for me too.
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pollomaxxProfessional Traditional Artist
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