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Green Lantern 50 cover

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Lots of special effects with this one. Also a bit unusual in that it's inked almost entirely with a pen (Hunt 102) rather than the brush (Raphael 8408) that I normally use. It looks a little retro to me, sort of a 90's look, but that's the way it goes!
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Oh Lordy!!! WOW!
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This is beautiful!!!
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The 90's look suits it just fine sir!
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one of my favorite green lantern pieces , easy. so fuggin killer.
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Doesn't anyone one ink Digitally anymore? lol, just kidding, all this stuff is comic work book hall of fame material if there were such a thing.
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I would be so annoyed if I had to ink that... But it looks amazing!
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I could look at this forever and still enjoy following every line! Gorgeous :D
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I'm just amazed at how you pick out your image from essentially 'loose' work....especially in the shadowy areas where it was scratchy blacks you give it form and a delicate touch.
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How long did this piece take to ink??  It is amazing!!
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:o (Eek) My mind was just blown!
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This is amazing, thank you for sharing!

Warmest wishes;

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Absolutely Stunning!! Took a shot at coloring this one Have a peek :) [link]
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I think you did a fantastic job on the background. That's so detailed, it's awesome.
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this looks like jim lees works, is it ?
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I love these inks! Great job on the background and Hal's arms! You are a truly amazing inker!
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Great work, as always my friend.
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I prefer the hunt currently as well, if it looks retro....then all the better!
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Beyond awesome...
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Jesus..that's the way it goes??
Hope it goes that way for me some day!!
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Very very detailed. Love it :]
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