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COD inks over Jim Lee

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And my inks over Jim. I like doing gritty stuff like this.
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Hello Mr. Williams, Can u reply to this comment. I love ur work even though I don't ink (I like to pencil)
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Jim Lee + Scott Williams= AWESOMENESS!
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Hey man!
I wanna try and color this. Mind if I have the high res inks??
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nice detailing, are you using a brush for your hash lines?
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YES! This is awesome!
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im using your inks as reference for drawing my own :) just for how to draw details and shading and such. :) thx for the help :D
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Epic work!

I love the Details!
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I seriously don't know how you could possibly ink such complex pencilling!! I thought it was just a sketch that Jim did there. But wow, stunning is hardly the word to describe this piece!!
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Amazing and inspiring!
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Scott rocks.
big time.
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I love this cover...
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Wow! You really make Jim's scribbles look good!

Really, though. I'm never quite sure how much of an picture is from the penciler and how much is from the inker, but when you post both images, it really shows what you are doing. I like that.

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Nice work Scott!!
Jim Lee is lucky to have you as his inker.
Hi Scott, How do you get rid of those blue/green margin lines ? Thanks.
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Your an inking God!
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Awesome Scott! Whoa, the rendering on those two figures in the bottom are hypnotizing... :wow:
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awesome stuff like always..been following jim lee and scott williams since my high school days in 93.. they are a great duo
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great pencil and great ink !
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Love it, I as well love inking the gritty work, feels like you have more creativty to add to the piece
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Yep!!! the little figures are SUPER!!!
They have that Joe Kubert/ Kurtzman feel that puts you right in the action. Couldn't ask for better!
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Phew!!! That's amazing!!!
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Ah man, what would Jim Lee do without you? that is amazing the difference between the pencils and inks. Really nice man.
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