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COD cover pencils by Jim Lee

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Pencils by Jim Lee. This is a cover from the Call of Duty comic, based on the game.
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Damn GHOST go get em my boi
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It's overwhelming.Where do you start from?
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Holey Cow! You need to finish that??!!
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yes, id have to say you improve each page of pencils you get( not your skill but the page itself) ... very very well done sir.
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:) Awesome. Your inks are fantastic over Mr. Lee.
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why does the picture have a blue purple sorta look to it? so damn good everything about it makes me happy
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wow thats pretty awesome

i wonder why jim lee didn't post it on his DA
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cool one:D fun game
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Oh thank GOD! i had planned on drawing this but had no black and white ink to reference from, this just made it twice as easy to do, Jim Lee is EPICWIN!
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Jim lee is one of the best...but take a look after Scott inks...........TOO MUCH BETTER.
One of my dreams its Mr Williams inking my pencils :)
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dude, jim is a monster! your inks just blew this piece up, cool beans man.
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Very good! Jim Lee is a phenomenon. His illustrations become complete, in my view, when finalized by their paints, Scott. Congratulations for the work and many successes. A hug:-)

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