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Batman 2 cover

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This is almost 2 years old, but a good iconic shot of the Batman penciled by Jim Lee and inked by me. I think the pencils were a little tighter on this one than what I've been getting from Jim lately. Brush and pen work.
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who's the colorist for your comics? does he have deviantart?
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beautiful. i love the contrast 
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Do you sell signed Prints Scott? BTW, I am friends with Sal Velluto — he would always talk about how you as is favorite inker. 
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Constant reference in my study guide Scott !!
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Sweet work as always and you are one of many on my list for inspiration when it comes to inking. Sweet deal
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My colored version ^^
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Awesome inks and loved your work!!!
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Do you mind if I have a go at colouring this one?
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I thought this was just too cool not to color.  Been using it as my warm up for my daily color work.  You can see my paints/colors on it here:… and the wips on my facebook here:… if you are interested. Thanks, Scott, for putting up such great work for us to play with and continuing to raise the bar on what comic art should look like.  As a lax inker, you've inspired me many times.
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What do you use to ink? And what type of ink? I love your work!
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Your ink work is very inspirational!! :)
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Wow great work!!!
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Nobody else brings out the essence of Batman like you and Jim, Scott. Awesome work.
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great make jim's pencil alive
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Wow. As always! :D
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Your inks really compliment Jim Lee's work. Great stuff...
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I could see mr.lee was having trouble with all those justice leaguers but on single pieces like this,he really shines and the inks,:D.the shading is fantastic!
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Sir, everytime I dare to think you will never amazed me again, you do it again great work thank you !
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And this is why you inspire inkers all over the world :)
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Nice of you to say. Thank you!
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