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Happy Thresh

Collecting souls xD

Other Thresh doodles -> [link]

*Edit* I make a wallpaper size, click download on the right side :3
Another wallpaper! [link]
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Love your art style and color!
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Awwwwww <33333333333333333
I love it >w<
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aww how adorble xDDDD
I love Thresh <3
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My favorite thing about playing Thresh .w.   I pretend they're his babies, in need of saving.

...Also, have I told you your artwork is my favorite? Because it's my favorite.
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Is it okay to use this for a Youtube thumbnail? Will link back here in the description.
Hey, could i use this picture for my stream tile?
MagicGALAXY98's avatar
As a Thresh main, I approve this message! 
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very  beautiful style .Flirtatious 
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Have you thought of making jackets and things with some of your art?  They might sell really well. :D I know I would buy it!
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I probably should have asked this before, but is it okay if i am using this as a thumbnail for a YouTube video? I have linked this site in the description to give you credit.
I hope this is not a problem. And if it is i can always remove the thumbnail :)
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I love it, this is so me when plaing thresh and i see a soul xD
Hey there, mind if i use this for a stream overlay?
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Soooooooooooo COOL DARN IT!
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just found out about you and with just like 2 minutes of checking your prof i can tell, you work is stunningly amazing

congratulations are in need
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I find my new wallpaper. So cute draw. I love it. :')
MrsCupCakeCookies's avatar
Can I make these design into a cookie?
zhengguoguangxi's avatar
so cute ~! i lIke hIm
MissF0rtune's avatar
oh my cute :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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