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OC Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 9, 2014, 12:14 PM
arbitraryArtist [AA] began pestering DeviantART [DA] at 12:54

Heya everyone! 

First Feature time! :D 
I commented on two journals so they get featured, if you want to get featured comment on the journal and I'll pick 3 OCs of your that I like and feature them here! 

1- Burn down Hell by snakes-on-a-plane Of course Jo! I love her kickassary and that's she's so out of the box, not to mention she's Kirei's bro, which can kinda be a pain in the ass. 
2- Legacy of lightning by snakes-on-a-plane Hattori, I like him because not every character has to be powerful and badass to be cool I like that he owns a rrestaurant I'd eat there if I liked fish 
3- Abbot by snakes-on-a-plane Cillian, he's my shallow pick. He's so But I also like that he's kinda grumpy. It's wonderful! :D 

1- Andrew by C-Hemistry by Merc-Wit-da-Mouth Andrew! Do I even have to explain why I love this hunk of maniless? -drools and pets- 
2- Kenshin WIP by Dark---Rose by Merc-Wit-da-Mouth  Kenshin, baby!!  She's so cute! >D 
3- Markos WIP By Dark---Rose by Merc-Wit-da-Mouth Markos, because he's a big loveable cutie.
I really need to finish some of these pictures...-laughs- but really, I love these three as if they were my own, and I'm happy I could help them grow. And effect who they became.

That's all for now! Comment for a feature.

This will be a little different then yours but ooooh well. XD 
1-  Inktober Butts by GalooGameLady Buttons! 
I love this guy, when I was looking through artists to follow when I was trying to lighten up on the bleach over load I found him fallout groups. It was a fun find! He's adorable, and admirable. It's fun to see his shenanigans on tumblr!

2- How was work? by GalooGameLady Meg~! 
I like Meg not only because she's with Buttons. But because she's an awesome oc that doesnt need combat to be badass. ouo 

3-  Butch says hi by GalooGameLady Butch. 
I'm kinda just going off the design, since I don't know about Nukeland much but it's awesome. 

:icongamemaster8910 :
I went mostley off designs since I don't know much. sorry! ^^;

1 - Bleach Matthew OC by gamemaster8910 Matthew 
I'm always a sucker for a Bleach OC ahaha! I'd like to read a profile on him to know more.

2-  Mizu Colored (Adopted OC) by gamemaster8910 Mizu
She looks really pretty! :D 

3-  Demon Girl Auction from Xxcuteemmyxx (i bought) by gamemaster8910 
DEeeeeemoooon lady

going off designs again...ehehe...
1- Abe Moeka by Kite2014Abe
She has a fun design, I really like the umbrella~ :3

2-  Kenpachi Tigressa by Kite2014 Kenpachi
This chick looks like she'll kick your ass, right after she finishes lacing up her boots. @.@ 

3-  Noriko Kitamura by Kite2014 Noriko 
I love her mask! <3 


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Kite2014 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
I always say I love hearing people's thoughts of my characters :)
gamemaster8910 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist
Here's one of my best ones (mostly animated since they feel alive to me)

Hisami:…… (I animated this too)


Matthew (ace attorney)…
InkieRose Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually I pick them haha 
gamemaster8910 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist
I know just sharing my best ones but I understand. 
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December 9, 2014