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TUTORIAL-quick Ni Knight Helm

By InKibus
A quick Tutorial on how to make a Knight who say Ni helmet, or a generic helm for that matter!
I put and hour and evening for 3 evening into this, so it can be done in a day IF YOU HAVE THE RESOURCES.
I am a woodworker, so much of this is natural for me to do.
This is a great warm up costuming trial for those who might want to do something more complex in the future.

General text instructions

Get a bump cap, it can be th ceapest kind.
Saw of the visor.
REVERSE the helmet, the back is flatter and broader, and worked better for the helmet shape.
Wrap a sheet of fiber-glass plastic sheeting around it.
Don't make it a straight cylinder, make it meet at will be the FRONT of your helmet with a slight peak.
Stich this to the helmet or pop rivet it.
Line the inside with sturdy duct-tape.
Mark where the eye-holes will be, and keep a general idea.
NOTE- sand or tooth the helmet surface, paints will peel off otherwise.
Enforce with epoxy glues, and even epoxy one of two spots with thin plywood or poplar stips for strength.
BONDO with liberty, fill first low spot.
Make disappear the area between the sheeting and cap.

Make 2 horns out of light wood, like poplar, and do most of the shaping before attaching.
PRE-DRILL THE HOLES into the horns with the long screws so the don't cause trouble.
Embed the base in epoxy before totally screwing the horns to the helmet.
More bondo around the base, and get the whole thing seven.
Dremel or drill out a desired-shaped eye slot.

Cover with Krylon black (shows up and inferfections) them krylon grey paint. Find the 'aluminum' shiney metal paint, and use that. It's very metallic and and great effect.
Then rub over with a 'dirty' pore-filling finishers glaze for aged look.
Seal with a fixative or sealer to preserve.

As you can see, no a hundred percent screen accurate, nor very historically accurate.
But it's a great way to learn a skill and make a decent prop!

Take you time, and do it better than mine!
Don't wai until 2 days for Halloween! ;)

Other costumes by =FrockTarts and I are here
And Other Costuming and Crafting Tutorials here
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Do you think this process will work for Predator masks?
InKibus's avatar
Sorry about the belated reply. >> The answer is I really do, it will certainly be much more work, but the same principle should be the same. :nod:
alexluna's avatar
(I’m sure you’ve gotten a ton of these already - but such is your fate for the awesomeness...and the geek reference to the MoPyatHoGra. Will there be a Holy Hand Grenade tutorial as well?)
InKibus's avatar
:giggle: Thank you so much, I enjoy receiving all these geekery comments about this piece!
SterlingDragon78's avatar
Your amazing tutorial has been featured: [link] :heart:

Now bring me a shrubbery! :ohnoes:
Ankh-of-chiaroscuro's avatar
I need to make one of these...
I mean, these guys are my RINGTONE.
Oh, did you ever notice "in" is "ni" backwards?
InKibus's avatar
:giggle: You me your phone goes 'Ni!'?
And yes, I've wondered if Ni was in backwards or not...
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Ecky ecky ecky, kaPANG! Zoop-boing! Zaroum numnim. . .

*in background*
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Thats really cool!!! :clap::wow::love:
InKibus's avatar
Thanks! I hope to make things easier for other costumers and crafters. :nod:
fluffyvolkswagen's avatar
Your very welcome!!! :hug::shamrock:
Eyeprod's avatar
Oh i'm so jealous of you people who can work with your hands and make real things! No idea what bondo is btw. Looks cool though and that helmet rocks! it looks even better than the original ones in the last shot!!

Bravo Inki. :clap:
InKibus's avatar
Thank you! Fair enough, I have woodworking skills that give me advantages over most crafters,
but I figure something this simple is a challenge many would be easily able to do.
And bondo is a filler for car dents.
In America, it;s easy to get in automotive stores.
It's a goo that you stir a hardener in, and quickly add to a surface.
It becomes rock hard and can be painted or chiseled and sanded.
Perfect for crafting!
Eyeprod's avatar
Thanks a lot for the explanations!! :D
graemeskinner's avatar
:-) [link]

I may have to make one some day ;-) Thanks for the tutorial.
InKibus's avatar
:lol: A pleasure! ;)
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It's awesome of you to show us the process of this-I love it when people show the steps ^^

Neat stuff!
InKibus's avatar
Thank you! I know to many people are afraid to try something like this, it's really not much work.
But posting a pictorial step by step always makes people understand it better. ;)
Aikya's avatar
No problem! :D

I don't feel like I really gave your a critique, but I wanted to make sure I said something positive about this because it looks like to took a lot of work!
Soul-Daemon's avatar
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No. no! Not Shrubbery!
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