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[+Video] Cure Papaya - [Fanart]

I made this picture a good week ago when the leaks came out, but now I can post it because we finally got an official announcement for Tropical Rouge Precure.

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Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro Small | Drawing Program: Clip Studio Paint Pro
Art (©) Inkfy (@inkfycreates) | Character (©)  Cure Papaya (Ichinose Minori) - Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure
Please don't repost, copy, edit, sell or use without my permission.

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Beautiful! Truth be told, Papaya's design is my least favorite. But you made her look amazing!

Inkfy's avatar

Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

Inkfy's avatar

Thank you!🧡🧡

JustSereenaG's avatar

So pretty.

I love her green eyelashes :heart:

Inkfy's avatar

Thank you very much!~

Her green eyelashes are so cute~🧡💚

JackieVanDynamite's avatar
Awesome have to watch it when it comes out!
Inkfy's avatar

Thank you very much!

Please do!🧡🧡🧡

Drawmanex's avatar
Wooooooo she is beautifull very cute
Inkfy's avatar

Thank you so much!🧡💚

PeppermintyPaws's avatar

So pretty! I love the colors

Inkfy's avatar

Thank you very much!🧡🧡

Toflun's avatar

Oh wow, you have such an vibrant artstyle ! ☆

Since there's been an announcement, does that mean they have officially showed the designs now ??

Inkfy's avatar

Thank you very much!🧡

Yes! They have officially released the designs on the main website and through magazine scans!

Toflun's avatar

You're very welcome ! C=

Oooh I'll have to check it out then !! Precure is my favorite franchise, so excited that we get yet another season > u <

Inkfy's avatar

Thanks again!~

Same! I'll have to catch it when I get the chance.

Toflun's avatar

No problem ^^

Yeah me to, did you watch all the other seasons ? aha

Inkfy's avatar

I have watched all the seasons up until the point, including most of the movies, but I'm catching up on that.

Since you can watch any season you want in any order, it's just more convenient to pick a season that interests you and start there.

Toflun's avatar

Ah I see ! That's awesome, I've only fully completed a few of the seasons, but I've watched nearly all of the movies throughout the years. I am personally a bit picky about going in chronological order of any franchise, but I did cheat a little when startwinkle and healin' good came out, I just couldn't help myself ehe =3

Would you mind if I ask if you have a favorite season/cure ? ^^

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