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Howdy folks~
I'm switching accounts, why? Because im just tired of having the same old account for five years, and I really just want a completely new, fresh start. I know i could've just changed my username with my premium memebership, but as I said before, I want a fresh start.
I'm moving to :iconinkzap:
I will be posting there shortly after I clean this DA account out, I will also post a moving picture, because i doubt many people will actually read this journal, haha.
I'd appreciate it if you followed me over there, no more art will be posted here. I'm going to try and be more active on DA as well.
as you can see I also don't have a premium membership, if someone would be kind enough to send me a premium membership I will do some art for them, either a full body pic or a animated thing of some sort, depending on how long the membership is.

Thanks so much if your going to follow me over there and you read this~
kudos to you~
~ IF
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i shall watch the new account!
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