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Howdy folks~
You guys should totally check out 's DA account, shes a good friend of mine and one I often collaborate with. Shes the one who will be attending the Comic expo in September to sell prints, Her art is really fantastic, heres some examples of it~
Kit Cat style by Lyndinc Catwoman by Lyndinc

thanks for reading, I've got a huge announcement later on this week as well, so stay tuned~!
sincerely~ IF

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Wish I can join you guys at the comic con but my art is all about horses which I don't think that will interest enough.
Annnd my human art is lame xD
Inkfang's avatar
m sure you could, you dont have to draw humans to join
you'd stand out as something different with your horses.
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I would probably join but I found out it's on the week of my birthday, which I was planning to have a party on that weekend. x.x
Inkfang's avatar
its not the weekend of the actual convention is it?
Khellouin's avatar
That's what we are planning was on 14 and 15 so we can get a shot of going to trail place during the day.
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I will try and make it after the con, both lindsay and I are selling there and its the 13th,14th, and 15th. we've both put 75 dollars of our own money into it so we cant really shrug off the investment, if we cant make it we'll both come over the next weekend to your place.
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Naw, it's okay. Don't worry about it, it might change depending on the weather. c;
You better have fun at the Comic Con with Lindsay! ;D
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i really hope i can come
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You should believe in yourself and keep drawing what you really love to do. Like drawing horses, which i know you love horses.and it's always the best to try new things, like practice drawing humans, and people will recognize and love for what you do. Don't let anyone tell ya otherwise. IF you love horses, keep drawing them, because that what you love to do right?
For me, i love drawing monsters, make comics and draw superheros the best. And i keep at it and draw what I love and now things are goin up, I am finally selling artwork at a Comic Con and will be opening commissions very soon. That's because I put trust in myself and work hard at what i want in the future.
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