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Around The Campfire

A collaberation I finished with my good friend Lyndin [link]
she’s a great artist and this was tons of fun, it features both of our characters, Laura, the satyr girl on the left, and Pike, the werewolf dude on the right.

She did the sketch, i did the lines, she did the colours, I did the shading, she did the lighting, and I did the textures~

art and characters by both lyndin and I, do not use or redistribute in anyway possible without our given permission, thank.
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I love what you did on this piece it looks great! I love watching your art improve over the year.

Speaking of collaborations we still haven't done ours. When you going to do your mermaid?
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thanks I appreciate it.
and do you still have the PSD file of it on your lappy? i figured out thats what was the problem with the quality, can you email it to me if you do?
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Ya sure what's your email address?.......Send it to me in a note so random people don't start emailing you.
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sure thing haha
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this collab was a lot of fun.
my favorite part is the coloring and drawing the fire.
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yeah it was, well definitely have to do more.
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