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Deviation Actions

:bulletgreen: Anyone of any skill level can join the group who is interested in inking or learning to ink.
:bulletgreen: This group is a source of feedback: Posting to this group means you are consenting to your work being critiqued.

:bulletblue: NO SELF PROMOTION: you cannot post personal work to any of the challenge folders and any such submissions will be deleted. The Critique folder is the only place you can post personal work for feedback purposes only. If it is deemed you are submitting for self promotion only the deviation will be removed.
:bulletblue: The FEATURE FOLDER is the only folder that allows personal pieces that are not for challenges or critiques. Only a member of Admin or contributor can nominate artwork to this folder and inclusion is via a group voting system.
:bulletblue: No pencils allowed that are not related to the challenges.
:bulletblue: Only contributors are allowed to submit pencils for the challenges.
:bulletblue: Members who wish to contribute some of their pencils to the challenges should contact admin.
:bulletblue: No colours are allowed: any colours will be promptly removed.
:bulletblue: Members should report any infringements or violations to the group rules to an admin member (see Reportable Violations section).
:bulletblue: Members can submit questions related to inking for group discussion by contacting an Admin member. Questions will be posted in a Q&A blog by an Admin member.

:bulletyellow: Critiques must be constructive. Any non constructive feedback may be removed.
:bulletyellow: RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT. Conflicting feedback will of course give rise to debate but please respect each other’s opinions, expertise and experience.
:bulletyellow: Rude, aggressive or offensive comments may be removed: we hold a zero tolerance policy on such behaviour. We’re here to learn, not put each other down.

:bulletorange: A journal post will announce each new challenge and provide information on how and where to submit your inks.
:bulletorange: Submit your finished piece to the corresponding folder in the Gallery Section.
:bulletorange: Preferably provide a side by side comparison against the pencils for easier critiquing but otherwise a link to the original pencils MUST be included.
:bulletorange: A credit and/or link to the original penciler must be included.
:bulletorange: Include a link back to the group should also be included in the description.
:bulletorange: Ensure you include your thoughts and experience with inking each piece. Remember this is a place to learn from each other and your thought process would be helpful to others.

:bulletpurple: Contributors are those who are able to source pencils the group can use in the challenges.
:bulletpurple: Contributors must be able to obtain high res pencils and pencilers permission to use their art.
:bulletpurple: Pencilers and Colourists can also become contributors.
:bulletpurple: Pencilers who would like to submit their own pages may do so.
:bulletpurple: You can be as involved as you like providing occasional or frequent contributions.
:bulletpurple: Contributors can submit blog entries on topics related to inking in the comic industry.

:bulletpink: Anyone can apply to be an admin member.
:bulletpink: The role of admin members is help to moderate the group and challenges.
:bulletpink: You will need to spot check folders and comments to make sure there are no violations to our submission rules.
:bulletpink: Admin member can submit blog entries on the running of the group as well as topics related to inking in the comic industry.
:bulletpink: As the group grows, admin members will be assigned to oversee a particular challenge/folder.
:bulletpink: Once each challenge folder has an admin moderating it, application to the admin roles will close.

Any member of the group can bring the following to the attention of the Admin:
:bulletred: Art submitted to the wrong folder (which will then be moved to the correct folder).
:bulletred: Self promotion submissions not in the Feedback and Critique folder.
:bulletred: Rude, offensive or aggressive comments.
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