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Winterfest 2023 | #4 -Let It Snow


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#4 - Let It Snow!:
Draw or write about your horse’s first reaction to snow
    "What's happening out there mama?" Ouroboros asked, ears pricked forward as he listened to the wind whistle and felt the cold wind sneak around the back door of their stall to pat his nose. At the cold he backed away, unfamiliar with the cold since he'd only known the warmth of his mother's stall. 
    Galaway turned from her hay, her grullo coat shining in the warm, yellow light of the barn. "It's snowing Ouro. You can go play in it if you wish." She offered softly, happy to help him discover the world around him. "A little warning though, it's cold out there." 
    "What's snow?" He asked as he crept forward towards the open door, hesitant about the cold that touched his nose but was curious about everything around him. 
    "It's cold rain that falls in white snowflakes, it collects on the ground in piles." She explained as she gave him an encouraging nuzzle to move forward. She knew since he couldn't see he'd have to discover the world around him through touch, sound, taste, and smell. He took a step outside of the stall, his tiny hoof crunching in the snow as his ears swiveled to listen to the world around him. 
    All quiet save for the wind whistling through the distant trees. He started to back up slightly as the cool air and snowflakes greeted him. Galaway Girl stood behind him, proud that he was brave enough to take a scary step forward. "I'm proud of you Ouro. I'll come with you if it makes you feel better?" She offered and he nodded. "Yes please mama." He spoke, his breath fogging before him. She nudged him forward until all four feet were in the snow and she stepped out of the stall - the small bell on the right side of her halter giving a gentle ring. She was glad the humans had placed a bell on the halter so Ouro could find her when they were out on the bigger pastures. 
    A snowflake landed on Ouro's pink nose and Galaway couldn't help but smile at the precious sight. "If you move around you won't feel as cold, but if you want we can head back in?" She offered. 
    "I want to play." He answered as he took large, exaggerated steps through the snow before he took off bucking and playing in the snow. The snowflakes collected on his Bay Dun coat as he played, laughing all the way and her trotting behind him, happy to play in the snow with her baby colt and watch him experience his first snow. 

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1246 Ouroboros

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1139 CC Galaway Girl (Owned by 12sparky)

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this is the cutest 😭 i loved the story with the art! such a sweet pair.