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Waltzing Down Santa Claus Lane



Horse Name and Ref: 3950 Shades of Milk and Honey
Horse Age: 5 YO
Rider Name: Charlotte Hunter
Rider Age: 23 YO
Stable Representing: Twisted Pines Ranch
Class(es) Entering: Holiday Halter
    Extra: TBA

     Charlotte fixed the last touch on her outfit - a small heart made out of candy canes on her cheek. She looked down at her outfit - a sparkling red and green outfit paired with a brown cowboy hat and brown boots. She was going for a glittery western elf from Santa's workshop look and had Milkyway's halter and tail match. Speaking of Milkyway, he stood idly snoozing in the cross ties as the spray adhesive for the horse-friendly paint and glitter in his tail dried. He'd idly slept through her brushing his mane, tail, and body - his ears only flickering here and there when another horse walked down the aisle or passed by his stall. She was grateful she brought him, seeing as how he was the most laid-back horse she showed and was generally good for anything and everything that she could throw at him. It's part of the reason she added ribbons on the top of his tail and used a little fishing line to hang ornaments from his tail, something that Milkyway simply looked at for a moment before going back to snoozing with his back leg cocked. 
She moved around him, spritzing his golden coat with some extra coat shine before she decided her golden Christmas helper was cleaned up nice and that they were ready to strut in the ring. She patted his neck, gently waking him as his green eyes focused on her and he nickered at her. She offered a smile to him as she changed from the simple leather halter that adorned him to the show halter that was adorned with silver accents and her addition of red and green bows atop small jingle bells. She fastened the halter and straightened out her shirt before starting down to the main arena. 
The arena was decked out in Christmas decor and the warmth of the arena greeted them, practically inviting them in. She smiled as they waited outside the arena for their class to be called, hoping that they could do well at this show and have a Christmas gift that they could bring home not only for themselves but for the stable as a whole as the show season of 2023 came to an end. Yet, the 2024 season loomed on the horizon and showed great promise for the new show-string lineup (one that Charlotte was proud to have Milkyway be a part of as she wanted to campaign him as a great Western all-around horse). His halter gave a soft jingle and she smiled at him hopefully, he nickered again at the horses in front of him - always eager to make new friends.
Overhead, the announcer boomed, "In the main arena, the Holiday Halter class is about to begin, exhibitors please line up outside the main gate." As more exhibitors and horses joined the lineup, the sound of bells and other decorations surrounded them. Many of the costumes were lovely and the horse's costumes and decor were adorable. 
The gate opened before them and they eased into the ring, a smile on Charlotte's face and Milkyway eager to please, both hoping to take home a ribbon for Christmas. 

Word Count: 526

XP Breakdown
Fullbody +9
Shading +1
Background +2
Fullbody Rider +4
Effort Show Entry +5
526 Word Count +5
Rider/Handler Lit +1

Total XP: 27

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