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Prompt: You see your Loshi befriending someone or something in its pasture, who or what is it and on what adventures will they go? :D

Ouro loped around the pasture while his dam, Galaway, grazed in the early morning rays. Ouro enjoyed the sensation of the cool morning breeze in his mane and how the grass rustled and crunched under each footstep. As he slowed into a turn, the grass rustled to his right and he slid into a stop.

Could that be mom?

No, she would've said something to him - always keeping him aware of where she was if he needed her.

"Hello?" He asked softly, his little voice seeming to carry on the wind that ruffled his mane and tail lightly.

"Hi." Came a voice from below. He lowered his nose slowly before a nose met his. "Who are you?" He asked softly

"I'm Juno, what's your name?"

"My name's Ouro, do you want to play?" He offered, happy to play with anyone since he and his mother hadn't been introduced to the other mama's and babies yet on the farm.

"Sure! Only if you don't mind if my friend Forest joins? He's a little shy."

"I don't mind, where's Forest?" Ouro asked as he lowered his head further and booped the top of someone's ears - he could only assume this was Forest. "Nice to meet you Forest." He said with a smile.

He was met with a small, "Hi."

"Let's go play!" Juno called and Ouro could hear him taking off through the grass on his left. "Wait for me!" Forest called.

With a laugh, Ouro took off after them, following the sound of his new friends laughter and the rustle of the grass.

After a long day of running through the pasture, discovering new things (such as the calves on the other side of the fence), and taking a nap in the grass, it was finally time to part ways.

"Juno! Please come out of the pasture love, it's time to head back. Forest your mother sent me to get you as well." A soft voice carried from the fence.

Juno frowned, "Can we stay five more minutes?" He pleaded.

"I'm sorry love but the sun will set soon. Say goodbye and we'll try to visit again soon - if it's okay with -"

"Ouro." Ouro said softly, offering a small smile.

"Ouro's mother." Juno's mom finished.

"It's alright with me. Feel free to come back anytime." Came Galaway's voice from behind him, her nose gently touching Ouro's shoulder.

"Thanks for playing with me today Juno and Forest. I hope we get to play again soon." Ouro said softly.

"It was nice playing with you Ouro." Forest spoke up. "We'll try to play again soon." Juno added.

From behind Galaway and Ouro the gate clanged. "Come on in guys, it's time for dinner." A human called out, holding two lead ropes in her hands.

Ouro turned his head towards the sound. Galaway nodded to Juno's mom, "Lovely to meet you, hope we can meet again soon." With a gentle nod and a nudge from Galaway - they turned and headed back towards the gate while the others headed back over the fence and disappeared back into the forest.

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