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CV| Chapter 8| Nerves

Stallion: Gunslinger(#40)

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 + Slip on mud (Gunslinger Injured 0/1), + Items

Art features:
 Gunslinger and Marisol
Story features: Gunslinger,Marisol,and Faleena
Word Count: 421

Healing: Gunslinger (1/1)
Pregnancy: Marisol (3/3)

    Gunslinger had awoken in the cave his leg throbbing slightly as he had taken a bad step the previous day and slipped in the mud, making his front right leg have a slight limp as he stood up. He looked over to find Faleena fast asleep since the afternoon was dreary but Marisol gone.They had decided to sleep lightly in the afternoon to save energy for moving later and taking the toll off of Marisol. He quietly stepped out of the cave they had taken shelter in for the past week, leaving to graze on the lush graze in the open in front of the cave. He looked around in the misty afternoon and quickly found Marisol pacing in the open only to lay down, get up, and pace some more. She appeared to be in pain with a tinge of nervousness to her actions. He stepped closer as she stood and met his eyes, slight nervousness to her as she didn't stop to talk to her mate. They had grown close over the last year, Gunslinger found himself slightly settling down and becoming more comfortable with his small herd as opposed to being alone. "Sol what's the matter?" He asked as she kicked at her pregnant belly, reminding him that he was to be a father soon and wasn't sure of how he would be as a father. Sol turned to him as she continued to pace, "The foal's on the way. I'm nervous and uncomfortable to say the least." She said, her voice still maintaining her somewhat cheerful tone. His eyes widened and he stepped in pace beside her,"Do you need anything? How can I help?" He asked, dropping his stoic manner to be the caring, gentle mate she knew. "No my dear, I need to be alone for now. But I do appreciate the offer. Just go back to sleep, I'll be fine." She said with a smile as she bumped noses with him and laid down with her back to him, facing the forest. He nodded quietly and retreated back to the cave, honored her wishes. He stepped quietly as to not wake Faleena and laid down in his usual spot. He stared outside into the mist filled afternoon, the sky slightly dark but no feeling of rain, the sun not even out yet but he was unable to fall back asleep due to nerves but finally he managed to fall asleep after what seemed like hours. Eager to wake later and meet his first foal. 

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Feathers: 55
Eggs: 1

Faleena gets injured as the herd travels to a cave with with ancient paintings on the walls.

Events: Cave + Find Manmade Structure + Items + Injured(Faleena: 1 healing image)
Items: Howlite - Reveals the geno, pheno, and gender of the foal.