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Born to Fly


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Horse: WWR TPR Diversify (2 YO Stallion)
Jockey: Quinn Gunn
Show: 2022 2nd Annual Chestnut Challenge: OPEN
Race: Tinker Maiden Turf
Placing: 1st

    Bear danced towards the starting gate, he'd remembered training on this track before, training in this same gate. Except for this time, he was making his racing debut. He knew he had big shoes to fill, being the only foal of his sire, and half-brother to WWS Hidalgo Wannabe, he had to prove himself well. He definitely stood out in comparison to the rest of the field, his loud splash and chrome markings making him unmistakable in the paddocks to the track. The other colt in the gate beside him didn't look familiar to him but his racing blanket read WWR Boiling Point (AUS), Boiling Point fidgeted as he looked around and caught Bear's gaze. "What?" He asked, eyes wide. 
    "Nothing, I was just trying to figure out if I'd met you before is all." He said as other horses loaded into the gate.
    "Are you ready?" He asked with a smile, trying to make chit-chat while the other horses were being loaded.
    "Yeah, are you?" Boiling Point asked, his eyes seeming to size up Bear, trying to determine if Bear was a decent competitor or not.
    "Yep! I'm ready to have some fun!" Bear answered positively, trying not to seem overly eager plus it was the truth for him, as the last horse was loaded and the announcer came overhead, "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 2nd Annual Chestnut Challenge, hosted by Whimsical Wonders Racing. First Race is Tinker Maiden Turf, the horses are loaded into the gates." Bear could feel the excitement boiling in his veins, ready to run. He looked over to Boiling Point, "Good Luck!" He said earnestly before the bell sounded and the gates slammed open.
    "Annndddd they're off!" The announcer said overhead as the colts surged onto the turf field, legs furiously beating against the turf, ripping into the manicured grass underfoot. Bear surged forward, Quinn holding the reins to keep Bear reined in so they wouldn't lose all their steam before the first turn. He thundered down the backstretch, barely paying much attention to Quinn as the teddy bear with a heart of gold was set out to win and bring himself and his stable glory.

Word Count: 363

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Awesome movement in this pose! :D

Love his lip and nose spots :love: