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Em D's Eyes.

Finally got off my ass and finished something.

If any of my work is used or posted on any sites, Please
link creditability to me. Thanks.
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Your art is trippy, What do you call the style?
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I'm not sure tbh. I know it's expressionistic, but don't know the name.
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It's abstract anyway.
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i love the use of colour and shape, im no expert but this is amazing!
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Aww thanks so much. Really :hug:
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Could you tell me how you did this????its fantastic....

(through a note if you dont mind....thanks :) )
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Yes, I'll send you one c:
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still waiting buddy....:)
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this is AMAZING!
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Awww you're really sweet c:
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Very nice, I love all the colors, it really gives you something to look at..

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Short Story based on this image (See comment thread here: [link])
- - - - -
She was use to long days and strange outfits, but Emily could not have imagined today's gig. She had been modeling for a few months now all over New York, and when her agency said that there was a photo shoot just off of Times Square, she knew it was going to be big. When she walked into the studio, the large windows overlooking the square had the drapes pulled back completely, letting the room fill with the light of all the electronic billboards. The room had mirrors, prisms, and all sorts of colored glass dangling in front of the window.

She was handed a vibrant pink coat with small mirrors covering it and instructed to put it on while they finished setting up the room. When she walked out again, the room was awash with every color of the rainbow. "Just stand on the X over there and let's get started," said the photographer.

Emily moved from the darkened hallway to the spot, and immediately her outfit exploded with color. I'm a professional. I can make this work. She tried to ignore everything and focused on just the camera man, moving in and out of the shadows with every click. She grabbed a bit of her sleeve and put it between her teeth and focused on him, the blue of her eyes resisting the room's fragmented colors. The camera clicked three times in rapid succession, and in that set of pictures Emily had moved from struggling model to Em D, supermodel.
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WHOA epic stuff!!!!!
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Why thank you kind sir. c:
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:O! This looks freakishly like me and My name is Emily Donville!
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It was a joke sorry.
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Dont worry its ok I wasnt upset or anything...
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This is so vibrant and eye-catching, I love it!
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