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never settle.
always want more.
  • Listening to: sleepyhead by passion pit
i'm learning from mistakes and heartbreaks. life's been crazy. and i'm finally suming it up into words. new deviant id which is my lastest art, nothing's inspired me but myself lately and going through a crazy time.

i got a new boyfriend - name: veljko - been going out -  3 months now.
i started up inkeater productions - done three weblayouts.
register for classes - 4 art history classes.

"I would dig a hole all the way to China,
Unless of course I was there,
Then I'd dig my way home.
If by digging, I could steal,
The wind from the sails of the greater men who ruled the world.
...Still your my best friend"
College summer classes are up and running again. I'm taking intro to time art. It's an awesome class, but my only frustration is I have no time to make new vectors or art period in my spare time. Maybe, new stuff sometime this weekend?