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I just can't keep away. I had a productive December and January, followed by a February slump. March has been a mixture of both. I am continuing to work out the bugs in my schedule, and I think what I will start doing is visiting my favorite Deviant Artists on weekends to reward myself for finishing a few pages of writing. I am on track to have 12 books ready to publish in 2024, but we'll see what happens.

I have too many projects. DA takes up too much of my time, so I must temporarily suspend my visits here. I have so much I want to accomplish, but I can’t seem to prioritize. Thus, nothing is ever finished. Every time I make a schedule and tell myself to focus on one thing, my mind refuses to cooperate, wandering away into every other aspect of my life. It won’t stay on one subject long enough. Lately, I’ve even started to think all my projects are equally important, making it even harder to settle down. I have so many distractions. On top of this, I also have slumps lasting for weeks wherein I am inexplicably tired, both physically and mentally. I can force myself to follow a routine, but I can’t force myself to be creative; creativity doesn’t work that way. I have time, but I don’t use it for anything productive. I don’t even read.

The Life Of Nate: Since 1993 I have wanted more than anything else to write a science fiction adventure series about a man named Nate. I now have accumulated more than six hundred story ideas, and while each one would make a good novel, I have decided that the best thing to do is to write them as a collection of short stories spanning three books called The Champion Trilogy. This is still a lot of work. The biggest problem is coming up with endings that are satisfying and realistic yet surprising and twisty. Sometimes I just don’t see a way out of Nate’s predicaments.

This project is important not only because it is close to my heart and is the life I always wanted to have, but because many of the concepts I illustrate are unheard of anywhere else. Nate not only encounters interesting biology and technology, but downright weird physics, math, philosophy, culture, psychology, and more, while surviving largely by his wits. The stories are too good to keep from the world.

Champion Of The Galaxy: While I am still writing Nate’s later years of life, I thought I would begin publishing sample stories to a blog one-at-a-time. is important because it will help me build up a fan base for when the books are ready to be published. It has also been fun to work on.

I also thought the stories would be best paired with cover art – what I imagine the covers would look like if the stories were ever turned into full novels. This way, the stories would take the form of a webcomic.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been working out. I haven’t been keeping up on the stories, drawing has turned out to be more time-consuming than I thought, and I continually wonder whether the drawings are good enough (even though I have seen other webcomic authors who are very successful with inferior drawings). Then just recently, I read through my work and decided that almost all the early stories need to be rewritten and they need to be longer. Everything is now on hold.

Flora And Fauna Series: Another of my great loves is exobiology. I keep having new ideas all the time. I have long wanted to write a series of books featuring alien plants, animals, and microbes in the same style as Wayne Barlowe’s Expedition. I have plans for about thirty distinct ecosystems. Each world would be a separate book. A simple plot would tie together the diagrams and descriptions, which would be drawn in my distinct style and the cover art would be the same. This series should be easier to write than The Champion Trilogy and it could keep me busy indefinitely as I create new worlds. I simply can’t decide which series is more important to me, so I have been working on both.

Flora And Fauna Blog: Since there are many other exobiology creators out there and I have always wanted to encourage the growth of this genre so I can collect the books, I have started a blog at to promote the work of others. The secondary purpose of the blog will eventually be to promote my own work too. Unfortunately, nobody currently seems interested in writing guest posts or publishing books for me to review. Because I have nothing to post right now, no time is set aside in my schedule for this blog.

Book Promotion: On top of this, I already have three books published that feature my character Nate. I’m not sure how to promote them and now I am having second thoughts about some of them. Based on what will tentatively be the 111th story, The Spider, The Witch, And The Spaceship is perfect. I love everything about it. Based on the 1st and 2nd stories, Terror Of The Fun Sponge and The Gorilla With Twenty-Four Heads are branding nightmares. Are they part of a separate series? If I continue calling it The Nathaniel Series, how does that fit with ChampionOfTheGalaxy? How do they fit with The Champion Trilogy? I think their existence will confuse people. The relationships between the books and blogs are not obvious and are hard to explain.

Furthermore, the first two books feature the time of Nate’s childhood, and are therefore of a very different style that could set up false expectations for the others. They also feature plants and animals I would very much like to use in the Flora And Fauna series. They also use cover art very similar in style to what I want to use for the Flora And Fauna series, possibly adding further confusion. I’m thinking of pulling them off the market. Modified excerpts may be released as short stories in the future, but I really want to get rid of them. Advice?

Philosophy: I also have a book in the works covering the intersection of politics, morality, spirituality, math, and physics. I know I’m not anybody special, but I think I have a unique insight worth looking into. The real-world concepts also complement some concepts found in the stories from Nate’s later life and vice versa in such a way that they help to explain each other. While it is not absolutely necessary, I think the book is important enough to keep writing.

Living With Gramps: As if I didn’t have enough to do already, my parents want me to journal my time living with my grandfather. They believe our interactions and antics are rich fodder for comedy that will sell and will also be a good biography for the family. I couldn’t say no.

WayOutLife: My blog at is the most time-consuming of all. First, I have to leave the house to visit a park. Then I have to write about my visit. Then I have to edit what I’ve written and upload my pictures. Then I have to post it all to my blog, along with my musings and observations (many of which are already written), and I have to go through and fix the paragraph spacing and hypertext the links. Each of these three steps can take a whole day, sometimes longer if I’m interrupted.

Yet, I can’t bear to give up on it. Writing about my adventures reminds me how good my life is when everything seems to be going wrong. Writing down my musings helps me to stay positive and faithful to what matters. Writing down the bad stuff helps me detach and put things in perspective. The blog might help others, but mostly I write it for me.

The Understanding Project: I stopped writing my old political blog in 2016, but looking over it now I think a few things could be stated better. I’d like to clear out the junk and while I’m at it add a few new ideas I’ve had since. The blog supplements some arguments I make in my 2011 book, The Nutcase Across The Street, so it is important to maintain and keep relevant.

Product Reviews: In the meantime, I’m not making any money. When I look at others who seem to be wildly successful from doing almost nothing, I wonder why I can’t do the same. I see people who post only one or two videos a month to YouTube and in less than four years have over a million subscribers. Sometimes they have one or two helpful tutorials for some skill they’ve developed, but most of what they do is talk about themselves. Some of these people are more interesting than others, but I am more interesting than all of them! My father and I are working on some ideas of certain products I could review so I could make money as an Amazon affiliate. I’ll let you know if I end up going in this direction.

Patreon: I am no longer maintaining my Patreon page. I never did get anyone to sign up and I think producing extra goodies for paying fans would have been too hard. The reason I left is that the website continues to be very glitchy. I cut the company some slack at first because they were growing so fast, but I thought by now they would have solved the problems. I had trouble separating free content from paid content, trouble contacting tech support, and now I can’t even log in to cancel my account. A great idea has been killed by bad execution.

Stuff: Adding to all this is that I have chores around the house. I do the laundry, make dinner, wash dishes, balance the checkbook, drive my grandfather to his appointments, read the newspaper and the bible to him, cut his hair, help him cut his nails, buy groceries, trim the hedges, and a bunch of lesser things that seem to keep popping up and each takes longer than it should. I also have roughly thirty books to read and another thirty I would like to buy when I have the money. There also exists a need for rest and unstructured time so that creativity can flourish. I also have additional ideas for short stories that do not fit with either Nate or exobiology. I have already drastically cut back my play time on FaceBook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and the conceptual evolution forum, but it seems I just started watching more YouTube to compensate. I also have to eat and sleep and it always takes me a long time to get to sleep. I have too much to do, yet over and over I find myself doing nothing. Nothing is what I spend the most time doing.

I have too many projects.

I just can't keep away. I had a productive December and January, followed by a February slump. March has been a mixture of both. I am continuing to work out the bugs in my schedule, and I think what I will start doing is visiting my favorite Deviant Artists on weekends to reward myself for finishing a few pages of writing. I am on track to have 12 books ready to publish in 2024, but we'll see what happens.


inkdoodler's Profile Picture
Daniel Noe
United States
Books: I have written several books in multiple genres, including The Spider, The Witch, And The Spaceship (science fiction) and The Nutcase Across The Street (politics/current affairs). Most are available in paperback on Amazon. All are available on Kindle. See all my books at

Champion Of The Galaxy: is a blog I post to every Friday with a new story from the life of Nate. I cover Nate’s life from his childhood, through his rough adolescence, and well into old age. Nate has lived for centuries and seen many strange things. He’s seen worlds of fluorescent, wind-carved stone. He’s met beings made of swirling flame. He’s fought an organization of murderous, time-traveling criminals only to live long enough to become one of its founders. More than once he has lived through great ruptures in time as history changed all around him. More than once he has been told these things were all in his mind. Nate has lived many lives. He has been a human, an eagle, a tiger, a dinosaur, and more. Able to reincarnate in a new body when killed, Nate is an eternal pattern – a ripple through time and space, always searching for the next fascinating place and the next adventure. At heart he is an explorer, but when confronted by evil he cannot help to fight. Champion Of The Galaxy is an account of Nate’s life from his origin onward. It is a story of friendships lost and gained. It is a story of individuality versus conformity. It is a story of pride and humility. It is the story of how a typical young boy grew up to become a cosmic hero.

Way Out Life: At heart, I am an explorer. This is why I write novels about exploring other planets. However, I would rather have a real adventure than an imaginary one and I would rather take a walk in the woods surrounded by real animals than mere drawings. I visit places and report my findings on my blog, along with photographs of what I see. Since life itself is an adventure, I will also post things I learn about life and love, interesting products and people I discover, musings on physics and philosophy, and observations on ethics and spirituality. I know I don’t have all the answers, but I like to make people really think and question their assumptions. I say what I hear no one else saying. I also express myself in drawings and poetry. Life itself is an adventure. Fun is important. We all have to work to pay the bills, but why pay the bills just so you can keep working? What is the point of being alive at all if not to set apart time for play? Play is a celebration of God’s creation and of creativity. Play is worship. I find the fun things and places and shine a spotlight on them to glorify the one who created it all. There is bad in the world, but everything has some good in it. I will not ignore the bad, but I will find the good inside. Adventure can be found anywhere at any time. You do not have to go far looking for it. You do not have to be lucky enough for it to happen to you. You simply have to recognize that you are already surrounded by adventure. It just takes a little practice.

Flora And Fauna Of The Universe: Since before I was six years old a hobby of mine has been drawing and describing extraterrestrial animals, plants, and microbes. I explain their behaviors, organ systems, cellular structures, and ecological relationships. I now have enough ideas for more than twenty planets and plan on putting them into books. is where
I post my ongoing work. I am also happy to link to the worthy exobiology projects of others and I accept guest posts.

Loves Tampa Bay: I am the editor and one of the writers for my father’s project, We let people know of all the great businesses, charities, museums, parks, stores, and restaurants in the greater Tampa area in order to inspire local pride and support local business. We do this for free.

The Understanding Project: On rare occasion I have been known to rant about politics, but I make an effort to understand all sides and I encourage others to do so. I no longer update this blog on a regular basis, but I have left the archives up for you to enjoy.

Support Me On Patreon: I can’t keep writing novels, drawing, and posting short stories if I don’t eat. I can’t keep exploring if I can’t afford gasoline. Signing up and pledging just five dollars a month will get you access to all sorts of special goodies.

Twitter: You can also keep notified of all my shenanigans by following me on Twitter. I’ll update you on all these projects.


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