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Osaka Header Quiet Dan by inkcooler

I'm racing to cut through the last of the production rush before our website is done (We've only got about 30 days until it's ready) - aaaand I've spent 3 days working on a single page, worse still, it's still not finished.  I suppose the moral here is save and save often.  
You never know when your graphics editor is going to give up the ghost and put you a day behind.  Oh yeah, Don't panic either! :P

But anyway, in 30 days I'll be plastering up the URL to our webcomic, Stories from Home.

Hope that you'll check it out when it's up! 
  • Listening to: Arnej - Transmission 2014
  • Reading: Nausicaä Box Set
  • Watching: Recommend me!
  • Playing: Zelda 3DS
  • Eating: Lemon Sherbets
  • Drinking: Lemons, with a drop of coke.
Hi all,

This is Osaka and Boss Duffy from The Inkcooler, we Illustrate and write comics and like to network with new artists
please bear with us while we get used to Deviant :)
  • Listening to: Joe Hishiashi
  • Reading: The computer screen!
  • Watching: ...the computer screen?
  • Playing: the keyboard of the computer
  • Eating: Not the computer!
  • Drinking: ...Water o_O