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completed commissions:…
Payment through PayPal only. I will be sending you an invoice once details have been finalized.

Terms of Service:

  • I retain the right to DECLINE any commission/custom without having to justify myself.
  • Prices differ for Commercial Use! If you intend to use the commissioned image or design for commercial purpose, you have to dm me about it and we can discuss details and prices. Unless we have come to an agreement you may not use my work Commercially in any shape or form.(this includes book covers/illustrations etc.)
  • Unless specifically asked not to I will be providing you with constant WIPS(especially for customs and will change anything so long as you don't ask me to completely redo the work into something that your initial request didn't specify). 
  • I may use the pictures in my portfolio or to advertise. I might repost on other websites unless I'm specifically asked not to.(you will be credited if you own the characters)
  • You may not claim my work as your own. Do not repost without crediting me.
  • If I do not finish your commission or provide WIPS within a month(of initial payment) you will get either a free commission(of your choice) or a refund

1. Digital Commissions:

$10 - Headshot/Bust with simple background(+3$ Shading, +5(min) for detailed background)

[PC] Hug in a Mug by Inkcess [G.I] Noodle Boy by Inkcess STL- I am Strong when I am on Your Shoulders by Inkcess [Paralgos] AF: Not Much of an Angel by Inkcess [TH icon] Momo by Inkcess

$25 - Fullbody (+3$ Shading, +5(min) for semi-detailed background)

+10 per extra character
- Simple background(shapes/patterns/color) are free
[Redraw] Apollo n Artemis by Inkcess[Trade][G.I.] Exploring - Under the Surface by Inkcess Pretty in Pink by Inkcess [Gift] Wishing you a Happy Birthday! by InkcessCarlin by Inkcess

[Comm] Midnight Beauty by Inkcess[Paralogos] AF: A Walk in the Rain by Inkcess [PP: Spotlight] Pearl by InkcessSmoll Purple by Inkcess CE: Watermelon by Inkcess

$40 Simple Storybook page(1-2 moderately complex character, moderate unshaded background, text)

[BBs] DTA: Good Samaritan by Inkcess

$60 - Three simple/Two complex character interacting with moderately complex background

- first image is a perfect example 
+15 per extra character
+10(min) for background detail
[Trade] Snapshot: Family Outing by Inkcess [Comm] Where IS that Treasure? by Inkcess [Comm][Paralogos] Librarians on Break?! by Inkcess
[G.I.] Taming: You Stole my Spot by Inkcess Comm: By Candlelight by Inkcess Commission: The Princess and the Unicorn by Inkcess

[LL] Hunt the EGGS!!! by Inkcess[Trade] I'm not scared, just surprised! by Inkcess

2. Traditional Commissions: CLOSED!

3. Reference Sheets:

$40 - One View, Text + Details OR Two Views, a few extra notes and details: [PP] MYO: Jang Mi by Inkcess  Ferdinand by InkcessEryk by Inkcess

$60 - Multiple Views, upto 3 outfits, lots of text:  [LL] Bootleg MYO: Corinth by Inkcess [MB][MYO] Persephone by Inkcess

4. Custom Designs:

will include multiple check-ins, I try to involve my customer as much as possible

$15 Simple Character (+15 for first extra outfit, +10 for further extra outfits)

[TH icon] Momo by Inkcess[Fanteles] Myo: Faye by Inkcess[Deisign Trade] PeaSeal by Inkcess Shun by Inkcess

$30 Moderately Complex Character

[PP] Hayley Ref by Inkcess  [MC][Approved MYO] Agatha by Inkcess Ferdinand by InkcessEryk by Inkcess

$50+ Complex

[MB][MYO] Persephone by InkcessQuill Ref by Inkcess

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