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It would mean a lot if you pledged! Right Now its just a Tip Jar that allows you to get access to the rare WIP.

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Hello! I'm not dead! I've been working a lot on personal stuff behind the scenes, but I am very much still active and making art! Something I've been meaning to address is the lack of any notice saying I'm open for commissions. While I have been posting commissioned work, I have not formally opened them. The reason for that is simply when I open up commission slots, I end up getting overwhelmed and end up losing steam before I can get to all of them. I am finding that I currently can only handle one or two commissions at a time and having a wait list causes me extra stress that ends up killing any productivity I have. All of the commissions I have posted recently have been from people who approached me one on one and asked for a commission. So, moving forward I want to lead with the following approach. Feel free to ask me for a commission! I am more than willing to take a look at any and all requests for one. However, I will only take on 1 commission at a time! If I am working on a
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Hello! Long time no post! For those of you who have been wondering about my lack of content for the last few months, I have been in one of my classic art blocks (what else is new). The reasons for these blocks have always been rather hard for me to pinpoint, as whenever I feel I've figured out the reason and managed to get back to making art, I end up falling back into another one.So what does this have to do with Patreon? Well, over the years of doing art, I have started many works that I never get around to finishing. I am rather stubborn with posting WIPs to my many sites as I want to keep my galleries full of the best I can offer, not half-complete doddles that make people wonder what could have been. I have also been trying to figure out how to make some sort of income. While commissions are my go-too for that, my inconsistency with art makes it so I am rarely able to take on commissions, and when I do, I can only do 1 at a time.So, as a solution for my lack of content and lack of income, I decided to dust off my Patreon account and use it as a way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. My Patreon has been and still is just a tip jar for those who would like to offer their support. I don't have the intention of paywalling my finished work. However, most of my WIPs will likely never be finished and would end up just rotting away in a folder on my computer. I figured that this could be a decent reward for those that would go the extra mile of supporting me financially. pledging would allow you to see some ideas that never got off the drawing board, and in the future could give you the option to nominate a WIP to be finished/remade from the ground up. Anything that does get finished will be posted to my main sites, so those who only care for finished art won't miss out on anything.So, if this interests anyone, you can find my Patreon at the link below:Anthony Broaddus is creating Art!! | PatreonPosted using PostyBirb
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Hey there. I just checked out some of your Anthro-Saur art. Very interesting. Wonder how the soldiers in CP2077 would fare. Do you?

Was in a Caroline mood. Still one of my fav designs, real inspiration. Thankyou mate!

aww, no problem! I'm glad she was such an inspiration to you. I honestly need to draw her again. I have an old WIP from years ago that I've been meaning to finish so maybe once I finish the commissions i'm working on i'll get back to her :)


ty so much for the watch!

Yo! Thanks for watching ^^