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Light in the Dark by Nomminus
Alice 767 had been warned by countless felvargs before undertaking Ulfr's quest to find the rumored ore that the mission was a foolhardy one.  It wasn't enough to dissuade them, but neither were they eager to go it alone.  In bringing a companion they ensured they did not lose sight of their goal while making their way through seemingly endless tunnels, the darkness an inky void all around them such that much of they way they simply had to feel the path in front of them to tell whether they were about to step off a sudden cliff.  The going was slow, to say the least.  But finally they rounded the corner into a very strange chamber indeed.  There was a faint, cool breeze blowing all around, its origins a complete mystery.  Glowing vines spilled down from the ceiling, rustling faintly.  And all around were veins of glowing ore, just like Ulfr had described.  Alice could scarcely believe their eyes.  What an amazing find this was!  They carefully gathered up a sample and carried it with them back to the surface.  Even detached from its roots, the ore continued to glow steadily, making the path back upwards far easier than the downward journey had been.  When they presented their find, they were rewarded with the following:

  Long Lost Treasures by Ulfrheim Geode by Ulfrheim
You have also won 1x Claws Physical Mutation Application!  Use this comment as your proof when you go to apply it.

On your travels you stumble across a pile of clovers.. but oh whats this? One of them is a four leaf clover, some luck huh?
Four Leaf Clover by Ulfrheim

Please head over to Reveal Rewards in The Caching Post to open your long lost treasures and claim your rewards!  The Long Lost Treasure chest contains the adventure roll that comes with every quest.
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Long Lost Treasures, Geode and Four Leaf Clover - Redeemed
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Event: Darkness Over Ulfrheim by Ulfrheim

Alice #767 has unlocked the 'Darkness over Ulfrheim' event. This Felvarg may participate in the event beginning on March 3rd, 2020!

Use this comment as proof of participation allowance for the Darkness over Ulfrheim event when applicable.


Upon locating all of the requested alphas Freyja has rewarded you the following:
Long Lost Treasures by Ulfrheim  Rune of Bountiful Berries by Ulfrheim
You may redeem your bonus items in the Village Cache.
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Into the Dark [Event] [RP]Sylphier
Beloved slowed his pace before a sight like none ever seen before, tongue lolling from his mouth after the long jog from Melrakki Forest to the Vale of Whispers. He had been keeping pace with Alice as they ran, though it required a bit more work from him as her longer legs gave her a naturally longer pace, as they made their way to the Vale. He had been expecting a darkness over the vale, described by those who had seen it and brought reports to Hlif-Vindr, but no words could fully encompass the pure black wall that lay before him. Stretching far up into the sky, obscuring clouds and seeming to drink in the afternoon sunlight, the blackness was like the heaviest fog he had ever seen but instead of the misty grey it was a black more pure than even the darknest of nights could hold. It created a great wall that looked near solid before the pair, and tendrils floated out from it as if the mass were grasping towards the rest of the island, se

Alice #767
 - The darkness consumes you, within its hunger you find Freyja, she appears to be looking for something, "You.. Child! You've returned thank goodness! Search the Vale's grips and find Fenrir, Saga, Titus, Bjorn, Ulfr and Ylva!" She demands it and insists you tell them she is looking for them, and that she will be waiting at the top of Fenrir's Incisor for them.

You have triggered the 'Darkness over Ulfrheim' event. Continue searching the void over The Vale of Whispers until you locate Fenrir, Ulfr, Saga, Ylva, Titus and Bjorn.
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