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Dark angels chaplain

Tumblr post… don't post by your own, better reblog plx.

Pheeew. That was hard. The shield was a buttfuck.

Credits: Greyall's lineart

2021 UPDATE: small changes there and here
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No words for how cool this is

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"Make him repent, Asmodai."

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Excellent art. Thank-you.
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: D you are welcome.
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I will be back. You have a great talent.Space Marine Emoticon For The Emperor 
That title, and the awesome blingy chaplain here, made me LoL at work.  (I'm at work on a Sunday, hurrah).  Awesome work, and best title.
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I can't remember the last time Sunday wasn't workday for me.
Thank you VuV
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I think he's got more bling than an Emperor Class Battleship.
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сходу прочитал "ассорти" под лёвиком на ноге; найс :)
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Reallyyyy Amazing. Is it a Dark Angel CHaplain? (because of the lion iconography ). What software do you use for painting? Cheers!
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AH yes it's paint tool SAI.
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Wow, really cool, I didnt know one could achieve this level of complexity while painting on SAI ! (I use SAI as well :D )
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Yes, that's him. There must "El Johnson" enscription on the shield, I forgot to draw it though.
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Oh great! Dark Angels are one of my favourites!!! I have a tabletop army painted like them :D
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Really awesome. I'm going to call out the alcoves with statues on his upper leg armor. That's a cool detail.
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love the glow on his shield
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Holy Sh... o.O
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black and gold! baby!!!!:D
fantastic work on one of greyall's best work!!!:D

kinda wish the stain glass shield to be more prominent than this thou.:P
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He's about to show everyone how special he is:iconmanlygilbirdplz:
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