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For graphics, we were suppose to brand a country. SO I chose the place were one of my favorite foods come from and where i will one day have my honeymoon, ITALY!

Originally I wanted to do Australia, but being the Hipster that I am, I didn't do it because EVERYONE wanted to do it. So I went with my second option. Italy. First of all, Italians are pretty people and their language is MEGA SEXY. If a hot guy came up to me and started flirting with me in Italian, I would just melt. :blush: BUT ANYWAYS, Italy has always appealed to me. There is just so much culture and history there. There are so many sights and monuments to be seen. And it's such a romantic place.

So for the logo I used the three basic colors of the Italian flag Red and green, with black to make up for the white. I used one of the things Venice is known for. Yup, the Gondalas. I want to ride one someday. But I made the sencond "I" look like the man rowing the gondala around. I think this logo is simple and cute. I originally drew it and then recreated it in PS CS4. Maybe they will use it one day and I'll make A LOT of money.
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