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Soft Mattress

By Inkanyamba
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Anacondas are half-aquatic for a reason - all that body mass take energy to move, which is much easier in the water.

Constrictors prefer softer resting spots for a similar reason. Rebeca's body here is lucky she got an extra soft mattress, allowing her some distance to sink into and distribute his massive weight through - considering that Dorian does not much care if the bed is occupied.

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A nice soft place to sleep, that comes with a nice soft piece of meat. It is always nicer to sleep with a full stomach after all

if I were her I’d be a lot more scared

looks like Dorians just sizing her up

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He will not treat her like prey unless she acts like prey, and she knows it, but

What if she does make the wrong move?

There is a thin line between fear and exhilaration~

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With a body like that, she’s a walking appetizer.

Combined with being pinned and caught naked?!

She better have the discipline of a monk because at this point if she breathes a little bit to hard, she’s dinner.

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Oh wonderful stuff! <3

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Given, time, yes~

I've plans~

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Sweet lord all mighty that's a big boi o3o;;

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He eats we-

She feeds him well, I mean

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The level of detail increases with each new drawing of Dorian and his adorable mistress. A magnicent and deeply sensual work without a doubt Inkanyamba.

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"Mistress" is cute, in his mind, I bet~

Thank you, it is a private piece, illustrating what frequents my vision

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